Harvard Gun Study Refutes Gun Grabber Claims

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In  an almost fifty-page study published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public  Policy, authors Don Kates and Gary Mauser, demonstrate again and again that  strict gun control laws do not correlate with lower murder rates, neither in the  United States nor Europe. In fact, just as is true in the U.S. where the highest  murder rates occur in cities like  Chicago, with the strictest gun control laws, the highest murder rate among  developed countries is in Russia where gun ownership is highly  restricted.

The  study is a long but interesting read with several tables and lots of statistics  and well worth your time. But for those not inclined to read it, here is the  conclusion drawn by the authors:


This  Article has reviewed a significant amount of evidence from a wide variety of  international sources. Each individual portion of evidence is subject to cavil  — at the very least the general objection that the persuasiveness of social  scientific evidence cannot remotely approach the persuasiveness of conclusions  in the physical sciences. Nevertheless, the burden of proof rests on the  proponents of the more guns equal more death and fewer guns equal less death  mantra, especially since they argue public policy ought to be based on that  mantra. To bear that burden would at the very least require showing that a large  number of nations with more guns have more death and that nations that have  imposed strict gun controls have achieved substantial reductions in criminal  violence (or suicide). But those correlations are not observed when a large  number of nations are compared across the  world.

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In  other words, as we gun advocates have long known, the observable facts simply  will not support the emotional arguments of the gun grabbers regarding both  violent crime and suicide. Interestingly, the study also relates a survey of incarcerated felons that confirms that a criminal’s  greatest fear is that his victim may be armed. That certainly makes the case for  a well-armed citizenry regardless of the definition of  militia.

You  should read the entire study and then make sure your elected representatives  read it.

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To Stop Sharia Law in America, Stop Elena Kagan’s Nomination

Family Security Matters

“As Dean of Harvard Law School, Elena Kagan banned military recruiters from campus because U.S. law said they couldn’t enlist homosexuals.  Now, she invited the Saudis’ recruiters to promote their legal code, Sharia, which calls for homosexuals to be murdered and women to be treated like animals. If Kagan tolerates promoting the injustice of Sharia Law on the campus of Harvard, what kind of injustice will she tolerate in America during a lifetime on the Supreme Court?”

So asks a compelling and troubling web ad the Center for Security Policy has just launched. They have done this in the hope of ensuring – before the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on Elena Kagan’s nomination tomorrow, Tuesday – that Senators and the American public will be made aware of who this woman really is.

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HIV Vaccine Secret Found in ‘Elite Controllers’


May 7, 2010 – Harvard/MIT researchers appear to have solved one of the great mysteries of HIV — and may at last be on track to develop an effective AIDS vaccine.

The mystery is why about one in 200 people infected with HIV — dubbed “elite controllers” — never get AIDS. It’s long been thought that solving this secret would lead to the Holy Grail of AIDS research: an effective vaccine.

Now researchers led by MIT’s Arup Chakraborty, PhD, and Harvard’s Bruce D. Walker, MD, report that elite controllers have a rare set of genes that allow their immune systems to unleash killer T cells with unusual powers. The findings come from an elegant series of experiments, including study of 1,100 elite controllers and 800 people with AIDS.

Normal killer T cells work as a team. It usually takes a swarm of these cells, which recognize different bits of a virus, to kill virus-infected cells. But this process is too slow to stop fast-mutating viruses such as HIV. The astonishing ability of HIV to change its spots via mutation is one reason the normal immune system can’t control the virus.

The killer T cells in elite controllers don’t need help. They knock off virus-infected cells all by themselves. Moreover, they are “broadly reactive” and can kill off mutant HIV variants as they arise.

There’s a downside to having broadly reactive killer T cells: They don’t always leave normal cells alone. This makes elite controllers more susceptible to autoimmune diseases.

But there’s an upside, too. Elite controllers aren’t just impervious to HIV. They’re also protected against other fast-growing viruses such as hepatitis C virus.

As it turns out, normal people have a few of these “broadly reactive” killer T cells. A few may be all that are needed.

“We think they might be coaxed into action with the right vaccine,” Chakraborty says in a news release.

Once activated and directed against HIV, these super killers would naturally expand by cloning themselves in large numbers.

The study drew praise from Nobel laureate and CalTech researcher David Baltimore, PhD.

“Rarely does one read a paper that stretches the mind so surprisingly far,” Baltimore says in a news release.

Chakraborty, Walker, and colleagues report their findings in the May 5 online issue of the journal Nature.