Notice to Democrats


Socialism is Not the Answer

I guess Rush said it best, “winners don’t compromise, losers do.” Well, I voted, and what I remember  is the Republicans knocking the socks off of the Democrats and don’t remember being transported to another planet since then. Now, all of a sudden, the Democrats want to work with the Republicans. Well, I would like to respond to that.

Notice to all Democratic Politicians, the ones who called us domestic terrorist for believing and standing up for the American Flag and the U.S. Constitution, who called members of the Tea Party terrorist or tea baggers, who sent the IRS knocking at our doors, who called us racist for the past 6 years because we didn’t agree the Community Organizer in Chief, the Narcissist in Chief.


You know who you are. You are the same ones who refused to listen to The People when we said we didn’t want obamacare. Remember Nancy?

and  lets not forget about this one…..

I remember, oh man do I remember and I will make it very simple for you to understand………

jack brummet

SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!

We the People are not your lap dogs, we are not your door mats for you to walk on. We are the ones that keep this Country moving, day and night and we are the ones who pay your salary…………….REMEMBER? You work for US, not the other way around.

WE VOTED and Socialism is not the Answer, in fact SOCIALISM SUCKS. We are America, we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, it has worked for over 200 years, it doesn’t need to be changed and if you don’t like it, I’ll help you pack.



I am 1 Dragon and this is my opinion.

God Save the Republic

Socialism is not the Answer

by: 1 Dragon

The Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves. The Obama Adminstration and his Liberal/Marxist/Socialist partners in crime have taken over the government and are doing what ever they want. The mainstream media have been running cover for them and the Republicans are just sitting back watching the Constitution and the Country be destroyed. Now there are a few Republicans that may get a cheep shot in once in a while, but that is it.

Our current government has continued to go against the will of the People has even stated that they can do pretty much do what ever they want. This is Tyranny, plain and simple. So where are our so called representatives? I don’t know about yours, but mine is either asleep in his office or worried about what he is going to have for lunch.

Every member of Congress and the Senate who have sworn an Oath to the Constitution should be up in arms over all of this, and it would be so simple. Mr. Obama is an illegal, a USUPER, and not because of where he was born but the issue of who his Father was. A Kenyan National, and that alone makes him  Un-Constitutional.

Anyone who remains silent on this is basically a Traitor. Now you can call me a Birther if you want, I’ll except the title, but it also makes me a Patriot and I would rather be either or both, then a traitor.

I don’t need a bunch of dictator want-a-bee’s telling me I have to buy health care, or what food I have to eat or what kind of car I should drive, because I am an American. Not an African American, or Asian American or an Italian American, I am an American, and this is my Country. I don’t want it changed into some failed European country or an annex of some Middle Eastern country with Shariah Law, and I definitely don’t need a closet Muslim in the Oval Office with his radical ideas destroying the Country I love.

God Bless America and God Save the Republic.