Bombshell: U.S. Generals Expose Hillary’s Illicit Involvement in Benghazi

Independent Sentinel

Hillary Clinton is not going to last as a presidential candidate no matter how many shock and awe campaign funds she has stockpiled.


Bombshell recordings released by The Washington Times show the frustration of top Pentagon officials over Clinton’s involvement in ousting Muammar Gaddafi. The officials – U.S. Generals – were so frustrated at the time that they opened up their own secret talks with Gaddafi’s son Seif.


As an aside, these aren’t the first damning tapes. The shocking tapes of her handling of a 12-year old rape victim reveal her character. One can be heard here.

Two new stories from The Washington Times expose some of the infighting among government agencies and branches of government on this controversial decision, and highlight the key role that Clinton played in initiating the war.

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U.S. Intervention In Libya Aids the Jihad

Human Events

Barack Obama has committed American lives to building an Islamic state in Libya.  In making their case for U.S. intervention in Libya, conservatives who support the action generally acknowledge that the biggest problem with it is what may come after Gaddafi.  However, they then dismiss this concern by minimizing the presence of jihadists and Islamic supremacists among the Libyan rebels, and pointing to a U.S. intelligence study that purportedly shows that there is no significant presence of jihadists among the rebels.  Unfortunately, that’s not really true.

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Lockerbie bomber: still alive, kicking , and being honored on the anniversary of his release

American Thinker

This Friday the Muslim nation of Libya will be reaching out to the west by thanking Allah for the great wisdom and compassion of Gordon Brown and Kenny MacAskill. To mark the first anniversary of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s triumphant return to Libya, Colonal Gaddafi has called for a national day of prayer as part of a low-key celebration. The UK Daily Mail reports.

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