More of What the Gaza “Pals” Don’t Want You to See or Know
It is astounding how the liberal mainstream media continue to ignore the videos, the statements, the financial connections and the weapons in last week’s flotilla raid on the Israeli blockade of Gaza.
More evidence keeps coming.  You won’t see this in major newspapers, television networks or websites.  I will continue to scour the foreign sources and Israeli media for the truth.  Here is what has happened over the weekend:

You have already seen the  videos below this post which show the brutality of the attacks on the IDF soldiers, and the vast assortment of weapons, and the attempts which were made to avoid a violent confrontation.
What you haven’t heard from the “mainstream” media is that there were armed jihadis aboard the flotilla who were making their “final” videotapes as they steamed toward what they knew would be a bloody and fatal confrontation with the Israeli Defense Force.
Turkish newspaper Hurriyet has shocking new photos of the IDF soldiers being bloodied and brutalized by the terrorists on board the ship.  The photos were captured from the passengers’ cell phone cards.  They are hard to look at.
The self-described “peaceful” Muslim imam who is attempting to build a mosque on the site of 9/11 ground zero in New York City was a sponsorof the “Free Gaza” terrorism flotilla.
Five of the pro-Palestinian attackers aboard the flotilla mother ship are linked to Hamas and/ or Al Qaeda.
The “martyrdom” statements were confiscated by IDF when they took control of the mother ship.