Despite FCC Retreat, Free Speech Still Under Fire from Obama Administration

Family Security Matters

The Federal Communications  Commission (FCC) is claiming that it is backing off of its Orwellian plans to  intimidate newsrooms across America into joining the Obama Revolution in  “transforming America.” Their latest message is, in essence, if you like your  sources of news, you can keep your sources of news. But just like when President  Obama made that promise as it related to your doctors and your health care plan,  they don’t mean it for a second. It’s just what they believe they need to say at  this time to deceive the public and advance their agenda.  

The FCC was due to start its  Critical Information Needs (CIN) survey in Columbia, South Carolina last week  amid a media firestorm over this regulatory body’s decision to peer into  newsrooms’ news-making philosophies and story selection criteria. Now the FCC  says it will revise the study but still move forward with it, which raises as  many questions as they sought to quell. For example, an article in National Review Online says that up to now, the FCC  “has been consistently blocked in its efforts to establish race-based media  ownership rules-on the grounds that it did not have data to justify such  rulemaking.” But, it adds, there is now “a movement to make the CIN a mechanism  for gathering such data.” As The Daily Caller points out, this “raises a new  concern that the FCC may use the new version to revise media ownership rules and  base them on race.”

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