ObamaGov: Story of a Tyrant and a Collaborative Congress

Gulag Bound

It’s becoming harder and harder for a great number of people to make sense of what the government is doing.  So, instead of actually looking to and accepting the obvious and logical reasons (aka Occam’s Razor) for what it occurring, media personnel (it has become increasingly difficult to call them journalists or reporters) continue to scratch their heads and ask ‘what is Obama doing’?  The answer is obvious to all, but the relatively brain dead.  In other words, Americans–even if they are slightly dim-witted collaborative “reporters”–know precisely what he’s doing.


Despite his ill-gotten success, but raised by Communist he and she wolves, Obama is destroying the country he has been taught to hate since he was a child; the same country that gave his grandparents an excellent income and lifestyle in Hawaii and Obama a life of privilege and enrollment at Honolulu‘s finest school.  There is no other logical or rational explanation.  He is destroying the country with vigor and prurient joy.  Therefore, that was and is his intention.  His early heroes were Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin and Adolph Hitler.  He later graduated to admiring the oft-mentioned self-proclaimed Luciferian Saul Alinsky.

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