Operation Choke Point Has Capitalism and Bill of Rights in the Crosshairs

Independent Sentinel

Last October, thirty members of Congress sent a letter to the Department of Justice demanding an immediate investigation into the DOJ’s Operation Choke Point which is being used by the government to attack enterprises the Obama administration opposes. Gun businesses have been at the top of the list.

These businesses are vulnerable and serve as easy marks. The government has done a good job convincing people guns are responsible for crimes.

There is at least one smoking gun that possibly proves the DOJ operation is being used to destroy some businesses including gun manufacturers.

What is happening is this: Because of pressure from the DOJ, banks and payment processors are denying or terminating loans and restrict access to payment systems for law-abiding and legitimate businesses such as gun manufacturers to avoid unwarranted investigations and legal actions by the DOJ and federal financial regulators. It’s all being done under Operation Choke Point.

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FOX News’ Judge Napolitano: Impeachment Is The Only “Legal Remedy” To President Obama’s Executive Amnesty


Fox News

If President Obama grants executive amnesty to an unknown millions of Americans, there’s only one way Republicans can stop him — impeachment.

That’s at least according to FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Napolitano, who argues congress has very few tools when it comes to stopping the President’s plan. Which is why he thinks the politically-risky option of impeachment may be the only option for the GOP.

On Thursday’s show, the Judge told FOX News Radio’s Tom Sullivan why the President may have to resort to such extreme measures. He says, while Presidents do have right to practice prosecutorial discretion when it comes to immigration, Obama’s proposed actions risk nullifying the law altogether. And that’s going too far.


As he also discusses in his new book, “Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty”, Judge Napolitano went on to explain why President Obama’s plan goes far beyond the executive actions taken by prior presidents. He also warns these Presidential power grabs will only encourage successors to strengthen the executive branch and erode our freedoms.

Could This New Congressional Resolution Lead to Impeachment of Obama?

Freedom Outpost

At the first of December the House Judiciary Committee held  hearings about whether or not Barack Obama has upheld his oath of office by  following and enforcing the laws of the land.  It seems clear from that hearing that Obama has indeed broken his oath.  South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy  (R) asked pertinent questions with regard to the issue at hand.  Now, his  colleague, South Carolina Representative Tom  Rice (R), is set to file a resolution to direct Congress “to bring a  civil action for declaratory or injunctive relief to challenge certain policies  and actions taken by the executive branch.”  This could inevitably lead to  impeachment of Barack Obama

While the House hearing dealt with several laws that Obama ignored or  re-wrote apart from Congress, the specific one in question was his signature  piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.  He has engaged in  waivers and rewriting of the law at will, which is unconstitutional according to  Article I, Section 1 and Article II, Section 3.

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