Obama Administration Silent After Egyptian Constitution Restores Slavery

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It’s no secret that Egyptian slavery is as old as the pyramids. It’s also common knowledge that Barack Obama’s ancestors owned slaves.

Slaves in Africa – in the early 20th century.

So it’s really no surprise that he helped usher in a radical Egpytian regime that is restoring slavery. According to the AP Egypt’s new constitution has dropped its ban on slavery:

Omissions of certain articles, such as bans on slavery or promises to adhere to international rights treaties, were equally worrying to critics of the new draft, who pulled out from the panel before the vote.

The Obama administration declined to criticize Egypt’s constitution despite its slavery

Egypt: Constituent Assembly Agrees To Make Sharia Main Source Of Legislation In New Constitution…

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Via Egypt Independent:

The Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting the new constitution has agreed to preserve Article 2 of the 1971 Constitution without amendment, and that parliamentary elections would be held within 60 days of approval of the new constitution. The assembly also agreed on how amendments can be made to the constitution in the future.

Article 2 of the 1971 Constitution states that the principles of Sharia are the main source of legislation. The word “principles” has been interpreted in a newly introduced article as meaning the basics of the Sharia jurisprudence.

They also agreed that Christians and Jews may follow their own religious protocols in matters of personal status, and choose their spiritual leaders freely.

Also, the assembly agreed that Al-Azhar should be independent.


Making Sense of Chaos

Northeast Intelligence Network

Unlike the Inept-in-Chief, his Ikhwan advisors and appointed incompetents in the U.S. State Department who have been attempting to micromanage the crisis in Egypt via remote control, there are other forces at work that have real boots on the ground in the former land of the Pharaohs.

When Obama & Company declared that the transition from Hosni Mubarak’s rule to whatever is supposed to come next had to begin “now” with Mubarak’s immediate resignation, they utterly failed to account for specific provisions of the Egyptian Constitution.

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