Judge Napolitano Points to the Lie That Could Send Hillary to Jail

Independent Sentinel

In an appearance on America’s Newsroom Monday, Judge Napolitano was asked what’s next after the Capitol Hill hearings on Benghazi. The judge told host Bill Hemmer that Hillary Clinton had “three audiences before her Friday and she forgot about one of them”.

She had the committee, the American public who were listening for “15-second sound bites”, and she forgot about the third, “the 25 or so FBI agents or special prosecutors who were watching.”

The FBI was looking for something called “bad acts,” he said.


Napolitano continued, “In her case the natural proclivity is to lie, whether under oath or not. The more they see of that, the easier it is for them to build a case against her, based on her natural deception.”

Bill Hemmer asked him for specifics.

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