Scooter Libby went to prison for less than what Hillary did

scooter libby

Flopping Aces

David Petraeus saw his career come to an end for mishandling classified information.

Sandy Berger was punished for mishandling classified information.

Scooter Libby got it worst of all. And he did virtually nothing.

Remember Scooter Libby?

Libby was the Bush aide who went to prison for having a bad memory. He was hunted down and persecuted by Peter Fitzgerald who was looking for the scalp of the person who allegedly leaked the name of Valerie Plame.

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Did Obama Politicize the Terror Database?

American Thinker

By James Lewis

In his usual heroic fashion, Obama tossed that hot Christmas Bomber potato to Janet Napolitano, and when she dropped the potato, it got cannoned over to the CIA with a quick fake to Dick Cheney, who didn’t even bother to answer. Obama kept his head buried deep in the sand at Oahu for almost four days while all this was going on. But this was Obama’s personal hot potato, and I believe he may personally be at fault for placing almost three hundred passengers in deadly peril on NW Flight 253 on Christmas Day.
How? By putting a politically correct twist on the existing terrorist database.
If you think about this as a Google search, pinpointing Omar the Bomber before he got on the plane wasn’t hard. Google could have done it in a flash as soon as Omar tried to board a plane in Africa. All they had to do was Google “Christmas flights to U.S., departing Muslim-majority country, cash paid, one-way, no check-in luggage.” Then they could have spotted him in Amsterdam before boarding there. Even after he was on NW 253, a simple search of the terrorist database would have brought up this wannabe mass killer.
Every time you use Google, you’re searching a giant database running on a swarm of servers. Today, this guy has 2.35 million web citations on Google. Just type in “Abdulmutallab,” and in a third of a second it comes up with those 2,350,000 sources. The reason why Google has become fabulously rich is that it does the best job of cutting down millions of hits to a few useful ones. That’s exactly the job we have in stopping the next airplane bomber. If the FBI and U.S. intel can’t do it, then they should just turn it over to Google…or put out a big FBI Most Wanted poster on the next bomber and let millions of people on the web search for the him. It’s not that hard, and the logic is exactly the same as those Wanted: Dead or Alive posters they used in the Old West. They turned every citizen into a crime-spotter.
The big TIDE list of terror suspects has 500,000 names. That’s too many to be practical, but only 4,000 of them have been put on the U.S. “No Fly” list. It should be five or ten times as many — say, 20,000 No Fly suspects. Flying on a passenger plane is not a human right. We can just say “no” to 20,000 people and be a lot safer.
Regardless of the number, the question is always how to get from those half million suspects to a small enough number to knock out an attack. Fortunately, these terror goons are highly predictable. Bush-Cheney did a good job in stopping them once they started to collect a mass of intelligence on al-Qaeda.
First you assign tags to all the suspects, like little red danger flags. Omar the Christmas Bomber was so bad he was practically bleeding little red flags. This guy was obvious, as the world found out twenty-four hours after he almost killed 280 people. Google would have popped him out in a few seconds.
Now everybody in the intelligence world understands that. That’s their job. This is not hard, folks. Don’t let the Obumblers pretend it was hard. It was just like the Fort Hood shooter — who had Soldier of Allah” printed on his business card. The weirdest psychiatrist at Fort Hood was practically putting up a flashing billboard to advertise his murderous plans. Everybody who knew him heard about it, but they weren’t allowed to say it out loud, which is suicidal Army policy. The Fort Hood killer was a massive command failure, but as far as we know, nobody got fired. The fact that the brass hasn’t been fired yet is a signal that they are not supposed to change. FDR fired people wholesale after Pearl Harbor. They got the idea fast.
For Omar the Christmas bomber, here are just some red flags we know.
Red Flag 1. Omar was reported by his father directly to the U.S. embassy in Nigeria. His father is the best source you can get: He is a former government minister in Nigeria, a devout (but not terrorist) Muslim, and a prominent banker. He probably knows what his son is thinking better than anybody in the world, and he obviously doesn’t want to taint his son as a dangerous extremist unless he has a very good reason to do so. His son recently broke off all contact with the family. That’s a whole field of red flags waving frantically in our faces right there.
Red Flag 2. Omar was head of the Muslim Student Organization at University College London, a well-known center of Islamist radical agitation and recruitment. Note: Nobody gets to head that Muslim Student Organization without being a target for terrorist recruitment. They keep inviting Islamofascist rabble-rousers to give public speeches over there, and the university keeps letting them do it. The London Daily Mail has been yelling about that over and over for a decade. The socialist ruling Labour Party have turned a deaf ear because they are importing Pakistani crazies from the badlands who make easy-to-buy Labour votes. Everybody over there should be on the short list.
Red Flag 3. Omar the Bomber paid cash for his trip to Detroit, and he didn’t check in a single piece of luggage. He might just as well have painted “Suicide Bomber” on his t-shirt. Red flags, anybody?
Red Flag 4. He’s 23 years old, a kid from a wealthy family who is both spoiled and lost in the big world — exactly the kind of comfortable, alienated, and confused character who gets targeted by the bomber imams to go and blow himself up. He’s got the perfect psychological profile, similar to the Fort Hood shooter. That also happens to be the profile of the kids who become Communist radicals and the ones who became Nazis in the 1930s.
The psychology is always the same. It keeps repeating over and over, and only the media can pretend to be surprised. Bill Ayers was a rich kid. Bernardine Dohrn was a rich kid. Barack Hussein Obama’s family was not rich, but middle class — Barack himself was very spoiled, very indulged, and went to all the rich-kid schools. He never had to pay for anything; everything in life was free for BHO. Karl Marx was a rich kid who went bad. So was Pol Pot. The biggest ideological extremists are always the same. They are almost never poor and desperate kids, because poor families raise their kids differently. They have to work and learn about reality, fast. It’s always the middle class — “idealistic,” overeducated, confused, culturally estranged, depressed, grandiose, narcissistic, personally troubled kids who become Adolf Hitler.
Red Flag 4. Omar is known to have traveled to Yemen twice. Yemen has been heating up with many AQ threats to bomb American targets. Even the news media have noticed it.
Red Flag 5. Who is trying to get on a plane right now? Remember, this Google search can be done in a fraction of a second. Don’t think the airlines haven’t hit on the idea of running their passengers through the terror database. Out of the 500,000 suspects on the big list, you can ignore all but a few thousand at any moment because they’re not waiting at an airport. Plus, this is a religious terror gang, remember? They nearly always use Muslim names, even if they were born John Smith. They always try to kill people on significant days: This was Christmas Day, 2009. Al-Qaeda is still fighting the Crusades, which stopped in the 13th century for the West, way before Christopher Columbus discovered America. You might not remember the Crusades, but bin Laden thinks they are still going on. (Bin Laden is another billionaire kid who became a terrorist.)
So we could easily single out Omar the Bomber from half a million terror suspects using a Google-type database. His picture pops up, and then you look at the passengers waiting in line for the plane in Lagos or Amsterdam. Do you see somebody who looks like him? If you do, pull him out for the sniffer machine. It’s happened to a lot of us. Omar the Bomber was using the same chemical the Shoe Bomber used in 2001. It’s an ingredient of Semtex, the favorite terrorist bomb mixture worldwide. This is not hard, kids.
Spotting this guy was dead easy. But they missed him.
So what went wrong?
I can see only one possibility: The Obombers have screwed up the database. Remember that the Obama administration is a little nuts. They’re not stupid, but they are very, very deeply stuck in a false and perverse ideology. They don’t get reality. They automatically flip it upside-down. They are rich kids who have been treated as the best and the brightest all their lives, but they have never been exposed to reality. So they’ve gotten very clever at getting everything wrong about the real world. That’s why they’re so amazingly weird.
Did you see Obama bowing to the emperor of Japan? It upset the Chinese to no end. It was just his own brainstorm. Why? In Obama’s lush and self-centered fantasy life, bowing to the Shinto Emperor of Japan is a smart thing to do. Nobody else in the world thinks so — in fact, everyone else in the world thinks it’s weird — but that doesn’t matter. Obama’s made up his mind.
We’ve seen a lot of these PC-crazed characters in the Age of Political Correctness. The Ninth Circuit is full of them. So is the New York Times editorial board. They are the Democrat politicians, the judges, the media talkers, and the law school professors who tell street cops that they are not allowed to stop and question ex-cons driving in luxury cars they can’t possibly pay for, wearing gangsta attire, looking stoned out of their minds, and racing away from the most recent gang shooting — because they are the wrong race or color to be questioned. PC is reverse racism, and we now have racial, ethnic, and religious quotas for gangbangers. That is completely insane, and it’s the poor and the blacks who suffer the most. It’s the inner-city schools that are in chaos because middle-class parents make sure they get their kids out of there.
But you can bet that Obama and his Brain Trust believe in this PC insanity.
The only explanation for the Christmas Bomber fiasco is the most obvious one: This administration has just applied quotas to the terrorist database. Who knows? Maybe they are demanding that the database can only come up with ten percent Muslims. Or equal numbers of all colors of the rainbow. Or not too many people named Muhammed, because that would be profiling. We know that’s how they run their affirmative action programs. Obama is our first affirmative-action president — that’s how he got elected. Lots of people voted for him because he’s black, regardless of his nutty associations and his total lack of qualifications.
A.J. Strata discovered that the Deputy National Security Advisor (who disgraced himself on the Sunday talk shows evading important questions) “hinted in an interview during the presidential campaign that if Obama was elected, he planned to dial back the trip wire sensitivity on our national security.”
We also know that political correctness protected the Fort Hood killer, and that was on a U.S. Army Base, where the killer was personally known to hundreds of trained and alert military personnel. General Casey defended his own miserable failure to get rid of the Fort Hood killer because it was PC to keep this maniac. (Fire that general right now).
This is not sane. But can you think of any other explanation that fits what we know about these characters?
I can’t.