Islam: Some Religions are More Equal than Others

Subjugating Tulsa to Islam since 2010… Obeying the Da’wah.
“Inviting to the Way of submission and surrender to Allah.”


Justice for all, but some more than others evidently — welcome to DhimmiTulsa. Religious freedom is obviously not for Christians or others… it’s for Muslims and if you are a cop in Tulsa, you will obey and submit or be punished. So sayeth a panel of federal judges in Denver. Captain Paul Fields just lost his court battle in the Tenth Circuit, Paul Fields v. City of Tulsa, which began in 2010. Captain Fields summarily refused to attend the Masjid al-Salam Mosque in Tulsa as ordered by his superiors. He also said he would not command his officers to attend if it violated their religious beliefs. Fields was instructed to attend a ‘learning’ event at the mosque. Never mind that Captain Fields had been an outstanding police officer for 17 years… because he would not submit, he was demoted, had his pay reduced and could not be promoted for a year. The man was punished for being a Christian – in the heart of the Bible Belt no less.

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Tancredo at OKC rally: Impeach Obama and Holder

Daily Caller

Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo says that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama should be impeached.

Tancredo said impeachment would avoid setting a precedent for the next “dictator in chief,” according to comments reported by Red Dirt Report, an Oklahoma news website.

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