Here’s why the Senate should not Confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General

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Don’t say no—say hell no! Why do we make this statement? Because just like the present Attorney General, Eric Holder, this lady is a fox in sheep clothing. Some say she is pretty equal in her dealings, but they do not recognize her background, nor do they allow her words to enter into the picture—words, by the way, that are very similar if not exactly like Eric Holder’s. We feel it is our duty to inform the public now rather than after this very bad lady is confirmed as to what she truly represents. This will not surprise many, as they are now very weary of anyone Obama places into any nomination. This needs to be spread wide and far and fast.


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Looks Real to Me

Dear Barry,

This Birth Certificate looks much better than the one you had Captain Crunch make for you. Maybe you should have gotten with Cracker Jack and offered a BS Secret Decoder ring along with copies of the birth certificate you posted, at least then we could have all laughed about it later.

I don’t really care what the media says about your birth, nor do I care where you were born, but the fact remains that your father was never a US Citizen and that makes you unconstitutional to be President and not a natural-born citizen. The federal government over the years have had a success with dumbing down students in schools and the proof shows. They don’t know what a natural-born citizen is or why it is important. Today’s kids know more about Michael Jackson than Andrew Jackson. They have no idea what Communism or Socialism is. They see a love affair with you and the media but they also see a man who can give a good speech with the help of his trusty side-kick Teleprompter.

This looks real to me too. It’s the Constitution. This is what you and all the other Democrat/Socialist/Marxist traitors in Washington have been trying to destroy for years. Well sorry, not today or tomorrow. I happen to love my country. I don’t want it to become another Europe and I also don’t want your kind of hope and change, it wasn’t right in the 40’s and it isn’t right today.

1 Dragon