Democrat campaign slogans for 2018

Free Republic

“Vote for us! We’ll raise your taxes!!”
“Vote for us! We won’t steal your government’s money and give it back to the unwashed masses”
“Vote for us! That new job and higher wages are a lie!”
“Vote for us! We hate Trump!!!”
“Vote for us! We know Trump colluded with Russia and just need another 6 years to prove it!!!”
“Vote for us! We told our crook to go home with a silly Vanity Faire video!”
“Vote for us! We support illegals more than US Citizens!”
“Vote for us! You are a racist, bigoted, misogynistic old white dude if you don’t!!!”
“Vote for us! We don’t hate (unless you count screaming at the sky because Trump won, riots and looting and assaults and Antifa, which we support whole-heartedly, and you know, Conservative values in general!!!”
“Vote for us! Our people are honest (hey, what’s lying about your race to get special preferential treatment to get into college? I mean, she IDENTIFIED as an American Indigenous Person….)”