Obama Accused of Obstructing Battle against Boko Haram to Promote Axelrod’s Nigerian Muslim Client

Accuracy in Media

Exclusive to Accuracy in Media

When the notorious Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, kidnapped 278 school girls from the town of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria last year, Michelle Obama began a Twitter hashtag campaign, #BringBackOurGirls. But behind the scenes, the Obama administration was undermining Nigeria’s efforts to take the battle to the terrorists. Obama refused to sell Nigeria arms and supplies critical to the fight, and stepped in to block other Western allies from doing so. The administration also denied Nigeria intelligence on Boko Haram from drones operating in the area. While Boko Haram was kidnapping school girls, the U.S. cut petroleum purchases from Nigeria to zero, plunging the nation’s economy into turmoil and raising concerns about its ability to fund its battle against the terrorists. Nigeria responded by cancelling a military training agreement between the two countries.

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David Axelrod Blasts Oba-Media For Reporting Truth About Obama

Gateway Pundit

Things are so bad for Team O that chief consultant David Axelrod has started blasting the media for reporting the truth on Obama’s failed policies and the corruption of the regime.



Gone are the days when all Obama had to do to charm the news media was don a pair of blue jeans. Now the Solyndra scandal has become a Jon Stewart punchline, news outlets are joining the mockery of the the AttackWatch campaign site, and even James Carville is advising the White House to panic.

David Axelrod, clearly longing for the good old days, is now blaming the media for hyping Obama’s bad month (in a memo he released to the media):

Members of the media have focused on the president’s approval ratings as if they existed in a black box.  Following the intransigence of the Republicans during the debt debate, the approval rating of the GOP brand dropped to a historic low. …

Despite what you hear in elite commentary, the president’s support among base voters and in key demographic groups has stayed strong.

You better get back in line mainstream media or no more jeans’ shots for you.


Obama’s mystery links to Gadhafi uncovered

By Aaron Klein
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

Sen. Barack Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright

JERUSALEM – As pressure mounts on the White House to intervene to stop Moammar Gadhafi’s bloody crackdown in Libya, many commentators have been wondering why Barack Obama has been cautious in his criticism of the dictator after the U.S. president so fervently supported the removal from office of U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

But Gadhafi has been tied to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s spiritual adviser for more than 23 years.

The Libyan dictator also has financed and strongly supported the Nation of Islam and its leader, Louis Farrakhan. Obama has ties to Farrakhan and his controversial group.

So far, White House officials have called for an end to the violence but have seemingly ruled out any unilateral action in Libya. Despite Gadhafi’s reported ordering of massacres that reportedly have killed hundreds of civilians in recent days, Obama hasn’t called on Gadhafi to leave office.

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While Cairo Burns, Obama Parties

by Keith Koffler

The Washington A-List was out in force Saturday night at the farewell party for senior adviser David Axelrod, with a roster of guests featuring Cabinet secretaries, big shot journos and – President Obama.

As revolution threatened to sweep Egypt and possibly other allies – with the horrifying prospect of Islamism replacing reliable friends – the president was on view partying with the IN crowd.

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Obama—Making it up as we go along.

Pajamas Media

Being There

Gone is Bush the great Constitution-shredder. Tribunals, renditions, Predators, wiretaps, Iraq, Guantanamo, preventative detention—these are now either embraced or expanded. Iraq (“the surge is not working”) is Obama’s “greatest achievement.” The public I think believes Obama demagogued all those protocols for political advantage, then as commander-in-chief looked at the intelligence, and quietly adopted them all. OK, politicians do that. But how can one “virtually” oppose all that he embraces? Does he just make things up as he goes along, assuming we all have collective amnesia?

The Candidate

The same thing has happened to Keynesian economics that gave us near 10% unemployment and $3 trillion more in debt, taking a bottoming-out recession and turning it into near European-like stasis. Suddenly, the Bush tax rates are critical. There is talk of budget cutting. Red states, not blue states, are proper fiscal models—for liberals as well as for conservatives. Do we believe that a Gov. Paterson had more answers than a Gov. Christie? Government apparently cannot create jobs by printing money. Christina Romer, Larry Summers, and Peter Orszag are gone back to either academia or the big money on Wall Street. Was early 2009 all a dream? Is all this what we call “moving on”?

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Sleazy backroom deals on Obamacare

March 16, 2010

David Axelrod, President Obama’s top political adviser, waffled over the weekend concerning the chief executive’s stance on special deals in the Senate health care bill. (William B. Plowman/AP Photo/NBC)

That old saw about “the more things change, the more they stay the same” keeps coming back as the revelations mount on what’s going on behind closed doors as White House and congressional officials harvest votes for Obamacare. For example, remember President Obama’s 2008 campaign promise that the lobbyists and special interests would be banned from the health care reform process? Now comes word via Politico that drug industry lobbyists spent a good part of the weekend with Democratic congressional staffers writing the bill: “The weekend included high drama for the drug industry as lobbyists huddled with Democratic staffers to work out a fee structure and donut-hole fix. … Drug makers were asked to sign off on multiple solutions so that backup options were available should any of the fixes run into problems passing muster with the Senate parliamentarian.”

Things must have gone swimmingly between the drug lobbyists and their Democratic congressional staff buddies because Politico added that “there was ‘real heartburn with the bill over the weekend and over the last week,’ an industry source said. But insiders expressed confidence that their issues were on the road to resolution.” Yessiree, spending Saturday and Sunday rewriting legislation cures that heartburn every time.

Then there are those infamous special deals in the Senate bill — the Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, Gator Aid, and so forth. Last week, Obama said he wanted them removed. But over the weekend, White House senior aide David Axelrod waffled when asked about the deals, saying Obama now only objects to deals that only apply to one state: “The principle that we want to apply is that, are these [deals] applicable to all states? Even if they do not qualify now, would they qualify under certain sets of circumstances?” According to AP, “that is the argument made earlier by aides to Democratic Sens. Max Baucus of Montana and Chris Dodd of Connecticut. The measure to give Medicare coverage to asbestos-sickened residents of Libby, Mont., for example, could apply to other places where public health emergencies are declared — even though Libby is the only place where that has happened so far.”

Finally, White House political operatives are reportedly offering presidential fundraising appearances to wavering representatives as incentives to get them to commit to vote for an unspecified new version of Obamacare that will have “passed the House even though no recorded vote on it was actually taken. Lobbyists writing bills behind closed doors, special-interest deals to buy votes, campaign cash for support — wasn’t that what Obama and the Democrats in Congress ran against?

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/Sleazy-backroom-deals-on-Obamacare-87706162.html#ixzz0iMWlbeNx

A SECRET HISTORY of Rahm Emanuel

The Freedomist

Rahm Emanuel

Who is Rahm Emamnuel and what is the real heartbeat of Rahm Emanuel’s life?

Born in 1959, Rahm Israel Emanuel has a name of the highest nobility: Rahm means “high and lofty”, Israel means “prince of God”, and Emanuel means “God with us.”

If ever a man’s name was ITSELF a case of “using the name of God in vain”, Rahm Emanuel’s name is in fact just such a case.

Rahm Emanuel is a man who embraces abortion, does not have any regard for the Constitution, has no higher aim than the profit of himself and his party and no greater ethic than “win votes.”

Rahm dances around the truth like a ballerina, in fact, Rahm Emanuel is in fact a graduate of a ballet school! Can you see him in tights?

Rahm Emanual is a close friend of David Axelrod, who signed Rahm’s marriage contract and whose ethics seem to be the same as Rahm’s.

Rahm Emanuel cut his teeth in the underworld of Chicagoland politics working for neo-Maoist organizations that were cleverly disguised as public advocacy groups, like Illinois Public Action, a bland sounding name for an ultra socialist group that sought to eliminate the free market and remove moral constraints from society.

While Rahm served in the Israel Defense Forces as a civilian worker in the first Gulf War, his allegiance to the anti-semitic elites that surround Barach Obama has made some concerned Jews compare him to a Kapo: a Jewish prisoner who worked for the Germans in the second world war. As advisor to Clinton, Rahm Emanuel “proudly” orchestrated the now infamous Oslo accords which presaged and which many say were the cause of hundreds of Arab terrorist attacks and hundreds of Isreali deaths.

Rahm’s days at the Clinton White House were filled with scandal, from cussing out Tony Blair to screaming “dead, dead” and plunging a knife into a steak as he recited Clinton’s enemy’s names after the 1996 election: any High School student who did this would be arrested today, but Rahm Emanuel serves such tantrums at the White House and there is nary a whisper.

While Rahm Emanuel loves to demonize bankers, you can be sure he won’t be returning the $16.2 MILLION he earned as a banker from 2000 to 2002, and he probably does not want anyone to ask how he could make that much money considering that he had spent his whole career, after being a ballerina, in politics.

Rahm Emanuel also served on Freddie Mac’s Board while all the accounting tricks were happening, but despite only officially attending 6 meetings a year, Rahm was given over $300,000: that’s $50,000 a meeting but Rahm Emanuel is not likely to give back any of those obscene profits any more than his new boss, Obama, is likely to change his mind about letting the public see what happened at those meetings.

While Rahm Emanuel is a pro Abortion extremist, and a gun-phobe who hates the second amendment, and a radical progressive extremist in his rabid hatred for the free market, in reality, Rahm Israel Immanuel is the opposite of his name:

Rahm is not lofty, as his name says, he is an underworld character of ill repute, his middle name, Israel, may mean “prince of God” but be is no prince and he does not seem to know God, and, of course, when Emanuel is with us it is not “God” but something else, something that smells of sulphur, that is with us.

In the end, any nation that would elevate a man like Rahm Emanuel to such a position of influence is in deep trouble!