Oath Keepers

In the following video, Candace Owens, of Red Pill Black, expresses her feelings on celebrities using their celebrity to advocate political and social opinions. It is not that they don’t have the right to speak out, as every American has Freedom of Speech. No, it is the plain and simple fact that NOBODY CARES!

Do I care what George Clooney, Madonna, Alec Baldwin, or a host of other brainless celebrities have to say about subjects other than their profession? No. Why should I? They offer only parroted versions of the Elite’s propaganda. Why should I waste my time listening to them?

When movie stars choose to speak out and insult me for being a thinking human being, they merely encourage me to boycott their movies. When sports figures do the same, I don’t bother with their sport. They apparently don’t get it that it is we, the “deplorables” that make possible their rich lifestyle, by buying the tickets to their events, or by watching them on the TV. ESPN is learning the hard way that we in “flyover country” don’t appreciate being insulted and paying for that privilege.

It is time for celebrities of all stripes to shut up and stick to what they do best, be it acting, playing their sport, or whatever they do, because we are tired of their crap.

I was just wondering…………….

Socialism is not the Answer

By 1 Dragon

I was wondering……. just how long it will take our Dictator in Chief to fly out to Oklahoma to push some more of his BS on America. After all, wasn’t it Rahm Emmanuel who said, never let a crisis go to waste. Besides, it would give him another excuse to hop on Air Force One and spend some more ou the tax payers money, but hey that’s just my opinion.

The great Obama cover-up