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CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT RON PAUL? – If likely GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney selects Marco Rubio as his VP running mate millions of likely GOP voters posting on the internet have stated they will not vote for him because Rubio is not Constitutionally eligible for the seat.  They command that the 2012 election be represented only by Constitutionally eligible, Natural born candidates, therefore, presenting a shocking opportunity for Libertarian candidate, Ron Paul. 

The Obama Ballot Challenges: A Crisis of Confidence

American Thinker

Just  a few months ago, FOX  News reported on polling data which suggested that “[i]f Americans could  cast a ‘confidence’ vote in the style of European parliaments, President Barack  Obama would not fare well. A 56-percent majority would give his administration a  vote of ‘no confidence.'”


Ample  evidence abounds for Americans to have no confidence that the economic justice  activist-turned-politician is working out for the good of the country.   Even at the most fundamental level, doubt remains as to whether the man  occupying the White House is constitutionally eligible for the  job.

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Time to Spread the Truth

One Nation Under Fraud
As an American you are asked to take up the mantle of spreading the truth, by
sending this message to everyone you know. Our way of life is in the
Obama is not a natural born
citizen, because his father is a foreign national.

Dean Haskins has
prepared a short video Natural Born Citizen for Dummies that explains
that the Supreme Court has a precedent declaring the meaning of Natural Born Citizen.

 He also unmasked all the shams used to obfuscate the
meaning, including misquoting case law, redefining the meaning as native born,
citizen at birth, and just plain citizen. Our founders were very clear and
although the meaning of citizen has changed through legislation and the 14th
Amendment, the meaning of natural born citizen has not changed, despite multiple
attempts in the last few years.

Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen of the United States

Citizen maybe, but NOT a “natural born Citizen” of the United States.

Obama is not Article II constitutionally eligible to be the President and Commander of our military. Obama is NOT a “natural born Citizen” to constitutional standards. Obama’s father was NOT a U.S. Citizen. Obama’s father was not an immigrant to the United States. Obama’s father was a foreign national, a British Subject. Obama is the child of an alien father who was sojourning in the U.S. attending college. Obama was born a British Subject via his father and is still such to this day. Obama has never conclusively proved he was born in Hawaii. Obama’s paternal family in Kenya, Kenyan government officials, and newspapers in Kenya say he was born in Kenya. Obama’s maternal grandmother likely falsely and illegally registered him as born in Hawaii to get him, her new foreign-born grandson, U.S. Citizenship.

History shows us that a popularly elected, but ineligible, chief executive in the executive branch of a government can be legally and constitutionally removed from office, e.g., Governor Thomas H. Moodie of North Dakota was a prime example. After he was sworn in and serving as Governor, the North Dakota State Supreme Court ordered Governor Moodie removed from office, after it was determined that he was constitutionally and legally ineligible to serve in the office to which he was popularly elected.

Also, two U.S. Senators although popularly elected and sworn in to the U.S. Senate were subsequently removed from office after it was learned that they were NOT constitutionally eligible when they were elected.
Albert Gallatin [U.S. Senator seating unconstitutional and annulled]:
James Shields [U.S. Senator seating unconstitutional and annulled]:

Thus it is very clear that winning a popular election does not trump or nullify the constitution of a state or the U.S. federal constitution. Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be the President and Commander in Chief of the military and should be removed from office and his election, confirmation, and swearing in annulled.