Levin: Obama Has No ‘Constitutional Authority To Do Half of What He’s Doing’

(CNSNews.com) — At a meeting of Tea Party conservatives in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said President  Barack Obama “doesn’t have the constitutional authority to do half of  what he’s doing,” and added that the “Republican leadership” has not  taken any steps to stop Obama’s unconstitutional actions.

CNSNews.com asked Levin, “Do you believe Obama has the constitutional  authority to address climate change or minimum wage without  congressional approval?”

Levin said, “Of course not. He doesn’t have the constitutional authority to do half of what he’s doing.”

“But nobody appears to want to stop him,” said Levin.  “Has the  Republican leadership taken any steps whatsoever? No.”

“It’s about time  when the Supreme Court gets a chance it steps up too,” he said.  “But, so far it’s  given him power he doesn’t have under the Constitution on the health  care law; it’s given him power he doesn’t have under the immigration  law; it’s given him power he doesn’t have under DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act]. So the Supreme  Court looks like it’s willing to go along with this.”

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Americans Are Biggest Losers In Obama’s Changes To The Law

Family Security Matters

The Obama administration’s announcement that the employer mandate will be delayed yet another year for employers with 50 to 99 full-time workers will clobber taxpayers because fewer people getting coverage on the job means more people needing coverage at the public’s expense.

The sudden change also trashes the rule of law. Presidents lack the constitutional authority to make such changes. Their job is to see that the law is “faithfully executed,” not improvised.

The upside for the president and his party is that Democrats seeking re-election this fall will face fewer angry constituents complaining about the impact of ObamaCare on hiring. The mandate delay is a political act. Rule of law and taxpayers be damned.

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