Operation Flood It 2 – Call ALL talk shows and demand a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to investigate Obama’s eligibility issue and a lift of the NEWS BLACKOUT by the MEDIA of the Obama Eligibility issue.

You may also call any local shows that you wish, but please do that after you have tried these scheduled national shows.

Obama is in office ONE year today and still he is refusing to release records and ducking this issue with high priced lawyers and scared judges. The people need to demand that this end once and for all.

Thank you for your participation,


Laura Ingraham – 9am-12pm EST – (800) 876-4123
Glenn Beck 9am-12pm EST – (888) 727-2325

Demand an apology from Beck for insulting millions of his fans on Jan 4th, 2010 (The 1st Operation Flood It)


Jeff Kuhner 12pm-3pm EST – (301) 984-9570
Rush Limbaugh 12pm-3pm EST – (800) 282-2882


Sean Hannity 3pm-6pm EST – (800) 941-7326
Steve Malzberg 4pm-6pm EST – (800) 321- 8828


Mark Levin 6pm-9pm EST – (877) 381-3811
Michael Savage 6pm-9pm EST – (800) 449-8255