The establishment’s fear of the truth empowers Obama

Family Security Matters



What would happen if Americans learned that Barack Obama is not just an individual with a history of radical, anti-American associations, but an illegal President and an unindicted felon?

What would happen if Americans learned that the US government, including all members of Congress, and leading figures in American media knew it and deliberately hid the truth from us?

If such a scenario were true, the political system and the media, as we now know it, would collapse, most politicians and journalists would lose their jobs and many would go to jail.

Who in government and the media have the greatest incentive to remain silent and run out the clock on Barack Obama?

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When Obama Resigns

Obama Leaving_ waving Large


Family Security Matters

Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media and the political establishment to protect Barack Obama, they can no longer hide the incompetence and criminality of the most divisive and sordid administration in American history.

Former National Security Council Spokesman Tommy “dude, this was like two years ago” Vietor is the poster boy of the Obama Administration; a collection of inexperienced, emotionally immature ideologues, whose “the ends justify the means” mentality permits them to tell any lie, violate any law and indifferently sacrifice lives as long as it serves their political objectives.

This bungling and scandal-prone gaggle of amoral nitwits, led by a talking teleprompter, survives only because the extent of their dishonesty is matched by that of the political-media establishment and the public’s inexplicable willingness to tolerate it.

It is, in fact, explainable. Just as certain banks were “too big to fail,” Barack Obama is, quite simply, too corrupt to fail.

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Challenge the Political Establishments Now or Kiss the Constitution Good-Bye


April 25, 2012


The United States is no longer what John Adams described as a government of  laws and not of men. It has become the opposite.

Many of those presently in the federal government have violated their oaths  of office to support and defend the Constitution, they have obstructed justice  and they have scorned and rejected citizens’ attempts to petition for the  redress of grievances.

The continuous stonewalling by both parties’ elite is clearly directed toward  preventing an investigation  that would reveal a federal government riddled with corruption and that operates  solely for the benefit of politicians and their wealthy power-brokers.

The conspiracy of silence by the political establishments and the associated  news blackout by a compliant media can only be explained by complicity in a  cover-up of criminal acts that, if they became known, would enrage the  American people and rock the political system to its core.

If there is another explanation, I would like to know it.

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Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Throw Obama under the bus


In his speech to a joint session of Congress, Barack Hussein Obama did not present a jobs plan; he left a suicide note.



Obama and the Democrats are in the final stages of a self-destruct sequence, while Republicans passively sit by America’s deathbed like Dr. Kevorkian.

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Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – The real issue for 2012


The present United States Government is riddled with corruption, complicity and complacency. As such, America will not survive.

Sarah Palin, during her speech at the Tea Party of America’s “Restoring America” event in Indianola, Iowa on September 3, 2011, described it well:

“It’s the collusion of big government and big business and big finance to the detriment of all the rest – to the little guys.”

The United States is now ruled by an oligarchy, where power effectively rests, not with the American people, but with a relatively small elite, who enhance their personal wealth by looting the country and maintain their control by adjusting the levers of government and regulating the press.

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Obama’s ineligibility: We know


    To our political elite and the main stream media (MSM): can we stop playing pretend and start being honest?
  • We know that Barack Hussein Obama has never been eligible to be President of the United States and that he has probably committed felonies both before and after occupying the White House.
  • We know that many Republicans, Democrats and members of the MSM have been involved in a cover-up for reasons of complicity, negligence, avarice or cowardice.
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