No Patriots of Congress !!


Free Republic

There are no “Patriots of Congress”. No one in Congress will speak out and call for an investigation or impeachment of Obama. . .. . .no matter what he does. All they do is talk. Congress could have stopped the disaster of Obama before it began if just ONE had stopped the first swearing in by asking for an investigation into the candidate who was hiding virtually everything.

Congress is Complicit in the Obama fraud, all of them at some level, and many at the highest possible levels. This is why they do NOTHING. . …their most important job now is to insure Obama gets over the finish line in 2017 still officially considered a legitimate president. Nothing else matters!

Congress protects Obama to protect themselves and they have been since he was sworn in back in 2009.

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare for martial law


I no longer see how it can be averted. Politics has replaced the rule of law.

The Founding Fathers warned us to preserve a government of laws, and not of men.

Arrogant, lawless and lusting for power, government officials have abrogated their responsibility to the Constitution, the country and its citizens

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