Our Naked President

Family Security Matters

In 1958, former FBI Special Agent  W Cleon Skousen published The Naked Communist in which he listed the then current communist goals for infiltrating, transforming, and ultimately taking over America. A hero to some, fringe writer to others, Skousen had a perspective both fascinating and shocking to reexamine today in light of recent events including those concerning the Iranian nuclear “negotiation,” gay marriage, Obamacare, power grabs of both Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, the advance of Islam, the support for illegal immigration, the ubiquitous charge of “racism,” the endless expansion of “civil rights,” and the dismantling of our Constitution.

Given Barack Obama’s success in executing the “fundamental transformation” of America, Skousen’s list gives profound insight into what might truly motivate the nation’s “smartest president ever.”  While Obama cleverly attempts to sell his many efforts as just small steps here or there in simply “deliverin’ to the folks a little something extra” as we slowly progress toward “a more perfect union,” his whack-a-mole shotgun assault upon all aspects of American life more perfectly models a systematic and well-orchestrated march toward many of these very goals.

Meanwhile, most members of our mainstream media – executives, on air personalities, writers, editors, and producers alike along with an advertiser base that supports much of the enterprise – are, at best, merely able to express exasperation and confusion as to why Obama does as he does. Pretending to hold meaningful “conversations” about the President and his key associates, our mainstream media collusively avoids any genuinely honest effort to explore Obama’s true motivations in seeking the destruction of our nation as it was formed and intended to develop and thrive.

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New York City Will Soon Allow Foreigners to Vote, Pushing Citizens Into the Nether Regions

Independent Sentinel

And So It Begins, The Country Within A Country

The New York City Council is drafting a law that will allow noncitizens to vote in New York City’s municipal elections to give clout to immigrants in all races across the five boroughs.

New York City could begin the promise of a Country Within A County with this scheme. They’re claiming it’s democracy to do something that will allow foreigners with an abhorrence of democracy to diminish our democracy.

Instead of citizens deciding issues, foreigners will because there are so many of them in NYC.

To qualify, one only need be a legal immigrant (illegal immigrants are being given amnesty and IDs) and have lived in New York city or one of the boroughs for six months. In other words, you could be a communist from China living here for six months or a Frenchman who hates America, and you would get a vote.

NYC council member Dan Drumm

“I believe that in a democracy, everybody should participate, and I don’t see how you call something a democracy when you don’t give everybody that opportunity to participate,” said Councilman Daniel Dromm, (D-Queens, pictured above), earlier this month. He is pushing the latest effort.

He thinks it’s a democracy if you let foreigners vote in U.S. elections and decide which way New York City will go on every level.

The end result will be foreign influence and it will never be overturned once foreigners get to vote on it.

Once this is in place, we can expect to see no surveillance of suspect groups, communists, fascists, socialists from around the world who live in NYC will get more involved, and citizens will be pushed out of having any voice because there are a heck of a lot of foreigners in New York City and the five boroughs, but that is the goal, isn’t it?

iVote NYC, a coalition of open borders Humanists and their far-left allies are behind the change. The man in charge is a Frenchman who helps run the Humanist Party, in other words, he’s a communist. Communism and Humanism are bedfellows. The Communist Manifesto and the Humanist Manifesto 2, have many overlapping of goals, attitudes and programs. They are ideological twins.

It would make New York City one of only eight jurisdictions in the nation that allows foreigners this kind of power.

One can be sure that our communist mayor will love it.

Raul Castro Declares Victory Over U.S., Thanks Obama

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 10.24.20 AM

Weasel Zippers

Fifty years of despicable Communism, given a pass by Obama.

Via NY Times:

HAVANA — President Raúl Castro declared victory for the Cuban Revolution on Saturday in a wide-ranging speech, thanking President Obama for “a new chapter” while also reaffirming that restored relations with the United States did not mean the end of Communist rule in Cuba.

In a televised speech before Parliament and a group of favored guests — including Elián González, the center of a tug of war in 2000 between Cuban exiles and Havana, and the three men convicted of spying in the United States who were released as part of the historic agreement announced on Wednesday — Mr. Castro alternated between conciliatory and combative statements directed at the United States.

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US Congressional Guide to SUBVERSIVE Organizations & Publications, 1951



Gulag Bound

Charleston Voice

The tactics and strategies of replacing Americanism with Communism have never changed –  altered and revised perhaps, but the agenda is the same.

Communism is not solely a “Soviet thang” as we’ve seen, but an internationalist thrust against individual liberties. This report was published back when the congress still had some public respect for protecting America’s independence as Americanism. Sadly, most have become “fellow travelers” of the subversive Left. With a clear understanding, you too, will be able to identify the enemies who are destroying America from within our gates. Whether or not you act on it, is up to you. ( I just ordered one of only 2 hard copies online available. Cheap, 1951 GPO ed. $11.)


[Excerpted. Excuse typos, misspellings which are from the original]

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The Alinsky Method: Destroy Morality so the Masses will Demand More Government Control

Freedom Outpost

obama_alinskyMany  in America are awakening to the “Alinsky  method” that so many writers, including myself, have spent much time and  effort trying to educate people about. One of Alinsky’s main tenants in  striving  for social chaos was to use an opponent’s own rules and values against  them. He  said of this tactic that it would be impossible, for example, for the  Christian  Church to live up to all of their rules so, as far as Alinsky was  concerned this  was the perfect tactic guaranteed to ridicule an opponent into  submission. What  I am seeing is that this game is being played on a very large  scale, and in  fact, the very value that they are seeking to use against us is  freedom itself.   The communists have been playing a game where the goal is to  convince you and me  that freedom is dangerous and that we as human beings are  in no way capable of  making responsible decisions, and we must therefore, let  the government assume  that responsibility for us. How are they doing this? You  know the answer to that  question; they are deliberately destroying our  morality, thus giving rise to the  need for a strict police state to govern our  every move.

This is just my personal theory, but there is substantial evidence to back it  up.  One of the most significant sources of this evidence, in my opinion, is  the  45  declared goals of the communist party, which were entered into the  congressional record in 1963. I have written many articles concerning some of these goals and how they  may, theoretically, be pertaining to many events we are witnessing today. One  of  the most compelling that I have written about a couple of times is the  discrediting of the constitution and Americas founding fathers. Of course we  see  this occurring daily in education as they have become as brazen as to  actually  rewrite the second amendment in some of our children’s history books.  There is  another that is a little less subtle and is a direct affront to the  very ideals  of liberty.

We all understand that the first amendment protects the rights of religious  liberty, assembly and speech. What many may have come to misunderstand;  however,  is the intent behind the word “speech.” The first amendment protects  political  and religious speech that is essential in the guarding of liberty. It  was never  intended to protect the vile disgusting things broadcast daily on the  television  set. One of the 45  communist goals was to discredit the first amendment by advocating against  censorship laws claiming they were a violation of the first amendment.

From the 45 declared goals of the Communist Party-


Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them censorship  and a violation of free speech and free press.

The communists understand that free speech is a value that we hold to the  highest ideals and because of this they were able to use it against us very  effectively by accusing us of infringing on the free speech rights of others if  we suggest the need for censorship. All the while, as our society grows more  and  more vile and decadent, the fact that we have free speech becomes the  culprit in  the minds of the uneducated. Thus, creating a situation where  freedom and our  constitution has been discredited and a solution is demanded to  deal with our  decaying morality that is allowed to fester on unimpeded.

It’s the perfect example of the Hegelian  Dialectic at play. The problem is created and the public is conned into  begging for a solution that the communists already have in waiting. It’s  important to understand that according to the U.N. Declaration of human rights,  people have a right to “freedom of expression” not freedom of speech. Free  speech is dangerous as speech can be used as a weapon. Expression can be  controlled and in its simplest definition, expression pertains to some type of  performance art form. So people may be free to express themselves, but not  through the means of political speech that is geared at telling the truth.  Failure to understand this difference can mean a great deal in the pursuit of  liberty.

It is imperative that we work to restore some semblance of morality in this  nation because as we slide further and further into the abyss the more likely  it  is that someone else’s morality will be enforced upon us.  I am quite  confident  that you know what I am referring too.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/alinsky-method-destroy-morality-masses-will-demand-government-control/#ixzz2j9OdM78i Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/alinsky-method-destroy-morality-masses-will-demand-government-control/#jmk3eR8SQRZ9MZx3.99

Gun Bill Lets Cops Conduct Warrantless Home ‘Inspections’

Fox News

Oh, let’s not call them searches.  Let’s call them inspections, just a  small price for gun owners to pay for exercising a right explicitly protected in  the Constitution, and without any probable cause apparent for a crime being  committed.  After all, we know that will convince criminals not to keep  weapons, right?  Right?

Even gun-control activists in Washington are embarrassed by this, er, mistake  (via Instapundit):

Forget police drones flying over your house. How  about police coming inside, once a year, to have a look around?

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The Clueless Left and Islam

Family Security Matters

Daniel Greenfield penned a perceptive and welcome critique, “What the Left Does not Understand About Islam” (February 15th),  of  the cluelessness of the Left vis-à-vis Islam. The Left, he writes,  is naïve  about its rival ideology, and ideologically will always remain  naïve. The Left,  he writes, has never been able to think outside of the  cardboard box it has  built for itself.

The  left has never adapted to the transition from nationalistic wars to   ideological wars. It took the left a while to grasp that the Nazis were a   fundamentally different foe than [sic] the Kaiser and that  pretending  that World War 2 was another war for the benefit of  colonialists and arms  dealers was the behavior of deluded lunatics. And  yet much of the left insisted  on approaching the war in just that  fashion, and had Hitler not attacked  Stalin, it might have remained  stuck there.

From  my own observations, what the Left refused to acknowledge was that it   was Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Soviet Russia that  behaved like  unrepentant imperialists and colonialists, invading and  conquering other  nations for all the loot they could lay hands on. It  was the consistent  kneejerk evasion of that fact which demoted the Left  from a noisy avante- garde  to a commune of deluded lunatics.  Greenfield goes on to remark:

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Liberals, Progressives and Socialists


In Europe, especially in Germany, hoisting a swastika-emblazoned Nazi flag is a crime. For decades after World War II, people have hunted down and sought punishment for Nazi murderers, who were responsible for the deaths of more than 20 million people.

Here’s my question: Why are the horrors of Nazism so well-known and widely condemned but not those of socialism and communism? What goes untaught — and possibly is covered up — is that socialist and communist ideas have produced the greatest evil in mankind’s history.

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Venezuela bans civilians from private gun ownership

Hot Air

Venezuela has major crime problems — we hear a lot about the systemic violence in Mexico, but by at least one count, Venezuela’s murder rate is four times higher than that of Mexico’s and the highest in all of South America. As such, violent crime is one of the most dominant political issues in the socialist nation, and will factor hugely in their upcoming October elections.

And so, in a typically misguided move to cut down on crime, the government has decided to ban the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition. How and why making it illegal for lawful citizens to own firearms is supposed to make anyone feel more “secure,” I’ll never comprehend.

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