Clinton Smoking Gun Email Could Get Her Indicted While She’s Running for President



Independent Sentinel

Catherine Herridge reported on Fox News that of the latest Clinton email release, 261 include classified information with 23 of those classified at a high level of secret.

Herridge believes that one of the two emails was withheld at the request of law enforcement.

Herridge believes the FBI wants the email as part of the Clinton email investigation because it addresses the intent of the involved parties and indicates that they knew they were sending classified material at the time. It didn’t come as a surprise later on.

Herridge said she received a tip months ago that at least one email contained a smoking gun proving the case against Clinton and/or her aides.

Herridge believes this must be the email. All the emails to be released have been released.

She also said that many of the emails Hillary have deleted have been recovered and are in FBI custody.

If true, Hillary is facing perjury and possible espionage charges.