Osama bin Laden’s Bodyguard Cleared for Release from GITMO by Obama Administration


Independent Sentinel

Saeed Sarem Jarabh, once classified as a forever prisoner, is close to being released. The 44-year old Yemeni has miraculously become a low-level detainee. He is a member of Al Qaeda and was Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard.

This release stems from Obama’s insistence on closing GITMO at all costs. He will free him even if the cost is the death of some in our military and Americans overseas and on the homeland at the hands of these terrorists. Obama is very generous with our lives. All he cares about is his radical ideology.

Ashton Carter promised during his confirmation hearing to not endanger Americans by freeing terrorist detainees . So much for that promise.


Blood will be on the hands of this administration.

Check out the screen grabs from Saeed’s docket.

Screengrab 1:
capture information

Screengrab 2:
threat level

Screengrab 3:

reasons for detention