Chuck Norris Breaks Silence, Makes Huge Stand for Persecuted Texas Pastors

Conservative Tribune

American patriot Chuck Norris has penned a scathing piece on America’s First Amendment problem in the wake of the city of Houston subpoenaing local pastors for their sermons and private correspondence.


Houston mayor Annise Parker made national headlines recently when she demanded pastors who opposed the city’s new law concerning transgender bathroom usage and so-called equal rights to hand over their sermons. The subpoena demanded “all speeches, presentations, or sermons related to [the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance], the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity prepared by, delivered by, revised by, or approved by you or in your possession.”

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Chuck Norris Officially Launches His Campaign to Defeat Anti-Gunners

Conservative Tribune

Liberals hate guns and gun owners for a number of reasons, but the most important is probably that they don’t know, remember, or study history. Throughout modern history, when a tyrannical government wanted to control its people, it has started with confiscating their guns, denying them the ability to fight back.

Liberals also believe that they are the only ones who know how things should be done, and they’re willing to force their will on others, often believing that it is for their own good. They recognize, however, that it’s harder to force your will on an armed citizenry.


Action star and conservative activist Chuck Norris understands this, and he’s taking steps to protect the Second Amendment right of all Americans to keep and bear arms.

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Chuck Norris: Obama’s Stealth Gun Control

By Chuck Norris

Not long ago, the gun control advocates Jim and Sarah Brady visited the White  House. President Barack Obama reportedly told them that he was working on new  gun control schemes “under the radar.”

It’s been said that guns have two  enemies — rust and politicians. Rust never sleeps, and neither do those who  would seek to restrict our constitutional rights. So let me tell you about a  meeting you weren’t invited to, where those people were planning an attack on  our rights that’s very much “under the radar.”

It happened in July at the  United Nations headquarters in New York, at a meeting to draft of what they call  the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.

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Has Obama gone Bozo with our Defense?

Socialism is not the Answer

1 Dragon


I’m sure most of you have heard the story, if you make guns illegal, only criminals will have guns. Well if you take away our defense, that would be like an open invitation to every country that dislikes us to come on in and do your worst. There is a great piece on Real Clear Politics that talks about this. Maybe Obama needs to read it too. An Unconstitutional President signing nuclear deals with Communist countries just doesn’t sound good. But then everything else he has signed doesn’t sound good either. I think the whole job is above his pay grade, maybe he should have stayed in Chicago as a Community Organizer or tried his luck at being a clown in a circus. Well he never stays long in one place, he is always traveling and apparently he thinks the job as President is a joke.

Ronald Regan said Peace through Strength, Teddy Roosevelt said Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick and one of my favorite lines was by Chuck Norris who said, if you come back in here…I’m going to hit you with so many lefts..your going to beg me for a right. The world is not going to sit down and have a coke and talk about the good old days but maybe Obama needs to sit down and think about resigning from Office. He’s done enough damage.

Here’s proof Chuck Norris stops time

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Chuck Norris (Tyndale)

Martial arts champion, movie and television star, author and WND columnist Chuck Norris turned 70 today, and as one entry in his publisher’s contest to come up with a “fact” about the famed personality stated, “Another year celebrated Chuck Norris.”

Norris, the star of more than 20 films and the TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” has written several books following the multiple world martial arts championships he earned.

As part of the celebration, Tyndale House Publishers held a contest to give away copies of Norris’ book, “The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book,” which is available autographed at the WND Superstore.

At the Tyndale site, some of the “fact” suggestions were:

  • Chuck Norris doesn’t need Social Security, Social Security needs him.
  • It isn’t Chuck Norris’ birthday today, it’s his yearly apology to the obstetrician for knocking him out with a roundhouse kick coming out 70 yrs ago.
  • Wow, another year celebrates a Chuck Norris! Congratulations 2010!
  • No one throws Chuck Norris a party. He throws it… far.
  • When Chuck Norris goes to someone else’s birthday party, the host gives him a gift.
  • When Chuck Norris wishes someone, “Happy Birthday,” they are happy … all year.
  • When the birthday candles on Chuck Norris’ cake saw him coming, they blew themselves out. Happy birthday!
  • Chuck Norris stopped aging at 27. He just keeps anniversaries of this birthday so the rest of us don’t feel bad.
  • The last time Chuck Norris blew out some candles, we called it climate change
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