Uh-Oh: Chief Justice John Roberts Hit By Credit-Card Fraud

The Blaze

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has been the victim of credit-card fraud.

On Tuesday, the day of oral arguments over California’s same-sex marriage ban, Roberts was forced to pay for his morning Starbucks coffee in cash, the Washington Post first reported.

The chief justice told the cashier someone had gotten hold of his credit card numbers and he had to cancel the card.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman confirmed to the Associated Press that Roberts’ account numbers were breached, but provided no other details.

The last reported crime involving a member of the court was in May, when Justice Stephen Breyer’s Washington home was burglarized — just months after he was robbed by a machete-wielding intruder while at his vacation home in the Caribbean.

Cowardly Republicans; Impeach Obama Now!



“John Roberts says impeach Obama now”

Oh, you missed that headline? Let me refresh your memory by summarizing the principle behind the Roberts decision on Obamacare. If we apply the Roberts principle to the impeachment question, then impeachment is not only a good idea, it is a constitutional imperative.

The argument heard most often against impeaching and removing President Obama is the following. Well, yes, we all know Obama deserves to be impeached and removed, but we have elections for that – and, moreover, the election is less than four months away.

But our Supreme Court chief justice disagrees with that line of thought.

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Progressive CJ John Roberts Solidifies Socialism in U.S.


With full and enthusiastic support from SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts, Usurper and Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama has now effectively “transformed” America into his personal empire if dying cash-cow. Supplanting the US Constitution and Republic with what some pundits are calling “political correctness” (a view of Roberts’ behavior to which I do not subscribe), Roberts has now placed the United States of America firmly into Socialism…aka Marxism…and effectively changed the US Constitution’s opening line “We-the-People” into “We-the-Rulers.”

Roberts is now ‘loved’ by the Marxist Media who are praising his name to the nether regions which they inhabit. In my estimation either Roberts has chosen to leave the light of Constitutionality and legality–as do all leftists when they discover which side they are truly on–in favor of praise and adulation from the rankest amongst us or the recent bribe was just too large to ignore.

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Obama Hires his Personal Murder Czar and Dems continue to Threaten SCOTUS


When any country’s leader reaches comprehensive dictator status, he begins either incarcerating or killing off his opponents (aka enemies).  One need only look at the rich and murderous histories of Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and other tyrannical rulers to know that this is a fait accompli in all totalitarian regimes.  In one way or another, each of these tyrants conducted their own personal genocide(s).

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President May be in Deep Trouble

By Rebel Rouser from Texas
Right Time News

This will be an interesting
turn of events if it does come to the surface…..bring  it on!!

Obama May Be In Deep Trouble…with Chief
Justice John Roberts, U.S  Supreme Court.

According  to sources who watch
the inner workings of the federal government, a smack-down of Barack Obama by the U.S.
Supreme Court may be inevitable.

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