NO, REALLY, I’M SERIOUS: RNC Braintrust Actually Believes Jeb Bush is a Viable Presidential Candidate

Doug Ross @ Journal

What, Jon Huntsman wasn’t available?
I know for a fact that the RNC is prepping the Jebster for a run because I happened to be at a corporate event a while back and The Smart Bush® made an appearance. Trailing him into the room at a discrete distance was ReiNCe Priebus, ostensible chair of the RNC.

I say “ostensible” because we all know that the RNC is actually run by Tom Donahue, president of the Chamber of Commerce. And Donahue, more than anything else, seeks cheap immigrant labor–the American economy, the American citizenry, and the Constitutional system be damned.

Which explains Jeb Bush’s borderline-insane pleas for open borders, Amnesty, and the inevitable voting rights and citizenship for tens of millions of illegal aliens.

In contrast, Kurt Schlichter highlights the weakness of the Democrat’s 2016 candidates, headlined by the ludicrously unqualified Hillary Clinton, who — at best — represents a third term for Valerie Jarrett Barack Obama.

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CEO of Black Chamber of Commerce Says Obama is ‘Dangerous’

American Thinker
This past week Obama’s house of cards started tumbling down. Harry Alford, the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce spoke candidly to Laura Ingraham about the president. Alford was the same person who famously accused Barbara Boxer of playing racial politics during a climate change hearing in 2009.

Kudos to Ingraham for not interrupting the CEO during her Friday radio show. When she asked the entrepreneur why he voted for Obama he said “because he was black.” The audio is a must-hear coming at the end of a very long week for the One.
Some quotes from Alford:
I am going to have to go to war with Obama.
Obama is anti-business and he is starting to look ‘Marxist’ to me.
Voting for Obama was the worst mistake I ever made in my life.
The audacity of ‘Hope’ is not hiring black folk.
Obama said he wants the price of gasoline to go to $5 to $7 so that we can reduce our carbon footprint and he is doing it.
This guy (President Obama) is dangerous.