Obama’s biography: Partial assembly required

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Family Security Matters



Bottom line up front: The political establishment and the media are hiding the greatest fraud and Constitutional crisis in American history to protect a hopelessly corrupt status quo.

They continue the charade while desperately trying to run out the clock on Obama because they know if the full truth about him was ever told, the American people would rise up with uncontainable anger against the permanent political class and their collaborators in the media. The vast majority of the members of our lawless one-party, political-media state would lose their jobs and many would go to prison.

Such a description would go a long way towards explaining why Obama, who never lets facts or logic get in the way of his political agenda, is undeterred by any legal constraints and why the Republican leadership is so submissive and cooperative. There may be subtle policy differences among them, but one thing is palpably clear to the political-media establishment – if he goes down, they all go down.

There is, in fact, no credible evidence that Obama was actually born anywhere.

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Trump Needs to Shift into Second Gear on Birth Certificate Challenge

American Thinker

According to the typical liberal media narrative, those of us who have questioned President Obama’s life documents are kooks.  Nuts.  Creeps.  “Birthers.”  When Donald Trump raises issues with the birth certificate, members of the left, right, and center assume that he’s doing so for political reasons and that there’s no real story.  They use the Old Jedi Mind Trick: “nothing to see here … move along.”

There’s only one problem.  There’s something to see here.

Obama’s ineligibility for dummies


On August 28, 2008, Representative Nancy Pelosi, then Chair of the Democratic National Convention signed an official Certification of Nomination verifying that Barack Obama was legally qualified to serve as President of the United States under the provisions of the United States Constitution.

I would like to know what Constitutional criteria were used by Rep. Pelosi to make that determination and what evidence she provided to support her contention.

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Denver Post publisher: Eligibility questions ‘valid’

By Bob Unruh
© 2011 WorldNetDaily


The mainstream media have started covering what questioning reporters have characterized as one of the biggest stories in America, Barack Obama’s eligibility, with a running dialogue by Chris Mathews on “Hardball,” CNN polls on the controversy and now an endorsement from the publisher of the Denver Post that the questions are “valid.”

However, publisher and owner Dean Singleton told radio talk show host Peter Boyles on his KHOW AM 630 program this week that it’s not something he wants to argue about.

The dispute arose even before Obama was elected, when his status as a “natural born citizen” under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution was questioned. A multitude of lawsuits have sought unsuccessfully to clear the air, and there are several court cases that continue.

States have reacted by proposing legislation that would require a presidential candidate to provide documentation of his constitutional eligibility, and similar legislation even has been proposed in Congress.

Throughout, Obama has maintained a team of lawyers assigned to stamp out any case or challenge through which some of the documentation about his career might be revealed.

Boyles repeatedly has questioned Obama’s eligibility based simply on the evidence available: the only document that Obama has released supporting his claim to a Hawaiian birth is a “Certification of Live Birth” that state law made available to those not born in the state.

Besides those who say he wasn’t born in Hawaii and, therefore, is not eligible, a number of respected legal experts have argued that Obama admitted his ineligibility by confirming his father was a Kenyan national subject to the law of the U.K. at the time of his birth. They argue the Founders excluded dual citizens from being president.

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