Fast and Furious in a Rotten Nutshell

American Thinker

The latest in a series of revelations in the ongoing saga of the Fast and Furious scandal — where more than 2,000 rifles were knowingly and willfully allowed to be transported untracked from the United States into Mexico — is truly stunning.

A series of damning memos from 2010 was recently obtained by CBS News, and they indicate that Attorney General Eric Holder — as well as several senior Justice Department officials — were aware of the deadly program.

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What did the President know and when did he know it?

Flopping Aces

“The Fast and the Furious” was a gun-running program that allowed thousands of AK-47′s to enter Mexico from the United States ostensibly to allow tracking of their movements. At the same time it allows the AK-47′s to go into Mexico, it is the policy of this administration to arm border patrol agents with bean bags as their first line of defense against AK-47′s.

Such policy got border patrol Brian Terry agent killed in December. Terry was killed with one of the assault rifles that this administration sent into Mexico.

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