Obama Bowl

Reading a teleprompter doesn’t qualify you to POTUS nor does it give you any experience to run a country. It does make you look good in a suit, but even an idiot looks good in a suit. George Bush will get the blame for years to come of things he hasn’t done. It’s already started too, 18 months after Bush left office he was blamed for the Gulf Oil Crisis when just a couple of months ago, Mr. Obama gave BP a Safety Award. It has also been said that he caused the break-up of Al and Tipper Gore.

Sorry Barry, Your Watch, Your Responsiblity. Maybe you should spend less time on the Golf Course and more time doing your job.

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It’s TACAMO Time Again

The American Spectator

We are living in a time when our government only does well those things that it needn’t (or shouldn’t) do and can’t — or won’t — do what the Constitution created it to do.

We are not winning the war, illegal immigration is still out of control, and our Interior Secretary is proud to say that the government’s boot is on the neck of British Petroleum while oil continues to gush out of BP’s mile-deep well.

More than forty days and forty nights since the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded and sank, the Obama administration has failed utterly to take action to minimize the damage to our economy and the ecological disaster caused by the enormous flow of oil onto our coasts.

When last we visited hapless Louisiana, Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Nawlins Mayor Ray Nagin had managed to collaborate so well with the Bush administration that Hurricane Katrina became a national tragedy.

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