“Former JAG Officer”: #Bergdahl Already Arrested! Will Likely Get 20 years in Leavenworth, “They Could Still Shoot Him”

Bowe Bergdahl

Fox News

Since his release nine days ago, many have been wondering why Bowe Bergdahl has been so quiet! Latest reports say he hasn’t even spoken with his parents since being handed over by the Taliban!

Well, according to one caller allegedly familiar with  the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Bergdahl’s silence is due to the fact that he has already been put under arrest!

On Monday’s show, “Richard from Saginaw”, called in and told Tom he understands that Bergdahl is expected to be charged with 11 counts — all related to his mysterious 2009 disappearance.

Richard said he worked with the JAG office for eight years before recently retiring and his “sources” claim Bergdahl will likely face desertion charges. If found guilty, Richard says Bergdahl could face 20 years in prison! Richard  also said the investigation is still ongoing and believes that the former Taliban prisoner could even be executed for his actions.