Here’s a scary thought………..

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Socialism is not the Answer

From Day 1, the Community Organizer in Chief has walked over the US Constitution and continues to do so today and Congress doesn’t do Jack to stop him. So, here’s a scary thought…….what if the Usurper himself comes out and says he is going to be President for Life? Would Congress, could Congress do anything then? The Dictator in Chief would have had plenty of time too get all the right people in all the right places and then some.

Hey, it’s just a thought.

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Columnist Devvy Kidd Slams Gutless Cowards In Congress Over Obama’s Forged Identity Records

By Devvy Kidd @

The impostor president went on TV earlier today to repeat over and over that he respects your right to hunt and own a gun to hunt and he respects that right, blah, blah, blah.
EVERY gutless coward who serves in the U.S. Congress from Michelle Bachmann to Rand Paul all know Barry Soetoro aka Obama is an illegitimate president. They know because all received a package with the proof.
Jon Christian Ryter, a relentless and accurate researcher has put together a ‘whole’ piece on Soetoro’s crimes. I hope you will share it with your mailing lists.

On Monday, a criminal will be sworn into office. Again. An individual who committed fraud to get on the ballot, perjury when he was sworn in, using forged documents, wire transfer fraud and in your face lying to the world when he released that fake birth certificate.