Baltimore Schools To Teach The Three Rs: Readin’, wRitin’, and Redistribution

Red State

The Baltimore riots have captured America’s attention this week. Buildings have burned, people have been injured, reporters have been robbed, and there was even a failed attempt at setting off an IED. Yes, seriously.

There will be lessons learned from the events stemming from the terrible and tragic death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, and changes will be made in Baltimore at many levels. One hopes some of these changes will help the community and the police find common ground again. One expects from government, as one does, that there will be a lot of unnecessary gesture-making and grandstanding too.

But among all the pontification and “analysis” we’re seeing, perhaps nothing is more absurd than what is coming out of the Baltimore School District. Witness the following statement issued this week, as reported by Amelia Hamilton for The Stream.

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