Canada Rejects U.N. Arms Treaty

Photo via Free Republic

Photo via Free Republic

Free Republic

Signing the Arms Trade Treaty would not improve upon how we assess exports of military items. Canada already has some of the strongest export controls in the world.

The ATT actually brings countries up to our export control standards.

It is important that such a treaty should not affect lawful and responsible firearms owners nor discourage the transfer of firearms for recreational uses such as sport shooting and hunting. We’ll make sure that any treaty we sign onto is good for Canada, and good for Canadians‎.

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DEA-AT&T partnership shows close ties between government and telco

Venture Beat

It seems the U.S. government and AT&T are much closer than we thought.  The Drug Enforcement Agency has access to 26 years of call data for all calls  that run through AT&T’s switches, according to leaked documents detailing the program.

The documents, acquired by the New York Times, reveal a program called  Hemisphere, which was formed in 2007. AT&T created a huge database of all  the calls that pass through its switches, including both customer and  non-customer calls. Through this program, the government is able to subpoena  that data and even pays AT&T employees to sit in drug enforcement offices to help with the data collection progress.

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