America’s Domestic Cold War Looms Behind Growing Tyranny

Freedom Outpost

The battle lines are drawn. The great war between America’s government and  her people fast approaches.

No, this isn’t some dystopian near-future science fiction scenario. This is  present-day America we’re talking about. There’s a growing hostility between  the  U.S. government and certain incorrigible freedom-loving citizens, with the  live-and-let-lives caught on the side of their more rowdy fellows, despite best  efforts to bury their heads in the sand.

But where are all the battles? Where are the troops filling the streets?  Where are the tanks rolling across the countryside, steamrolling all dissidents  in their path? In waiting, that’s where. This isn’t a traditional armed  conflict  I’m predicting; at least, not yet. It’s a cold war. Each side is  building up its  record of hostile actions against the other, all stopping short  of the point of  no return.

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