US Congressional Guide to SUBVERSIVE Organizations & Publications, 1951



Gulag Bound

Charleston Voice

The tactics and strategies of replacing Americanism with Communism have never changed –  altered and revised perhaps, but the agenda is the same.

Communism is not solely a “Soviet thang” as we’ve seen, but an internationalist thrust against individual liberties. This report was published back when the congress still had some public respect for protecting America’s independence as Americanism. Sadly, most have become “fellow travelers” of the subversive Left. With a clear understanding, you too, will be able to identify the enemies who are destroying America from within our gates. Whether or not you act on it, is up to you. ( I just ordered one of only 2 hard copies online available. Cheap, 1951 GPO ed. $11.)


[Excerpted. Excuse typos, misspellings which are from the original]

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