ALERT: American Generals Finally Expose What Obama Was Doing at Benghazi… Treason

Conservative Tribune

The interim report from the Citizens Commission on Benghazi contains findings that do not look good for President Barack Obama or then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to the report, Obama and Clinton “changed sides on the war on terror” in 2011 by actively working to arm Al Qaeda terrorists fighting against the regime of Moammar Gadhafi, making U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens essentially an illegal arms dealer.


The operation would have been illegal because Congress had not authorized it and because it offered material support to a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, which is why President Obama and his administration have been so anxious to keep the truth under wraps.

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They all lied about how Ambassador Christopher Stevens Died in Benghazi

Tea Party Tribune

As new information is finally starting to leak out about what really happened in Benghazi on that fateful night of September 11, 2012, NOTHING is more telling than this one single photograph…for this photograph proves that Ambassador Christopher Stevens did NOT die of smoke inhalation in the embassy compound as was claimed by the Obama administration, but was taken alive, raped, sodomized, and God only knows what else…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all those in their vile orbit knew this from day one and all bold-faced lied.

They all willfully, deliberately, and with malice LIED to Ambassador Stevens’ family and to ‘We the People’. And while we all know that some claim that Stevens was the middle-man in Obama’s gun and weapons running operation to the Syrian rebels, or that he was actually kidnapped to trade for the Blind Sheik and mistakenly killed, I believe that what I will tell you about this picture coupled with Obama’s cover-up and LIES, gives credence to my belief (one that I’ve had since day one) that Ambassador Stevens found out Obama was running guns and weapons under the table to the al-Qaeda supported Syrian rebels, and was silenced before he could expose what Obama was doing.


Before I get to the photograph we must let the lead-up facts speak for themselves.

First, we all know there was NO spontaneous mob protest outside the consulate as Obama claimed for the first two weeks after the attack. Mob violence that got out of control because of an anti-islamic YouTube video he said, but a video that few had actually seen, that is until he went on Pakistani TV bloviating and apologizing for it after the fact. And with both former CIA Director David H. Petreaus and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that NO video was involved, they both bold-faced lied to Congress when first questioned, claiming that it was the video and the video alone that caused the attack. But I hate to tell them …NO I’m happy to tell them…lying under oath is a felony…an arrestable offense.

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More Sources: Benghazi Happened Because Obama Armed Al Qaeda

Conservative Tribune

The tragedy that happened in Benghazi, Lybia that left four Americans dead has been the subject of an intense investigation, now being led by conservative bulldog Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Click here to read more about Rep. Trey Gowdy’s plans for Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi investigation

Almost two years after the incident happened, the American public is no closer to understanding the whole truth behind the terrorist attack, as the Obama administration has put forth maximum effort to ensure the facts stay buried.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the whole situation is the thought that perhaps this attack was made possible due to the foolish actions of the White House to allow guns and other supplies to fall into the hands of al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists.

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Former Muslim Brotherhood Member tells us what the Government won’t about the Terror Attack in Benghazi

Family Security Matters

Dr. Mark Christian from the Global Faith Institute sent The  Gateway Pundit his account of the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012:

Syrian president Bashar el Assad,  Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah of Lebanon are  fully responsible for the  death of United States Ambassador Christopher  Stevens. President Obama  has known this fact since the minute he first  learned about the attack.

Stevens, from his Benghazi base, was stockpiling weapons – and  resourcing  the expert fighters who could use them – to topple Assad’s  rule in Syria. On  September 11, 2012, Assad powerfully punched back,  raiding the Benghazi  compound which housed the armament for his own  destruction. Though Assad’s  reprisal resulted in the loss of four  American lives, including Stevens, he  forcefully conveyed that he would  not be thrown out of the ring.

The Syrian uprising is not a simple “the good guys vs. the bad guys”   action-packed conflict. While there is plenty of action, there are no  good  guys. There are, however, two opponents who have been duking it out  for  hundreds of years, the Sunnis and the Shiites. In the Sunni corner,  we have  U.S. President Barack Obama, championed primarily by Turkey,  Saudi Arabia,  Qatar, and Egypt. Their combatants, the Shiites, include  Syria, Iran, and  Hezbollah – the Lebanese militia controlled by Iran and  Syria.

Under President Barack Obama’s direction in the 2011 Arab Spring, the  Sunnis  had already ousted evil dictators from countries such as Egypt,  Tunisia, and  Libya. It appeared to be pro-democracy freedom-fighting at  its finest. It  wasn’t. The overthrown governments were quickly replaced  with  Muslim-Brotherhood-aligned, Sunni Islamic theocracies. And the next  country on  the list for overthrow was Syria. But unlike the easier  targets of Mubarek, Ben  Ali, and Gaddafi, Shiite Syrian leader Bashar  Assad has the powerful allies of  Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia.

The Assad regime was fully aware of the shrouded activity in  Benghazi, fully  aware that Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the man  credited for the  assassination of Gaddafi, was much more than an  ambassador. Though serving in  Tripoli as the U.S. Ambassador to  transition a tribal Libya to Sunni Islamic  rule, Stevens covertly used  Benghazi as his base of operation for the next  phase of Arab Spring:  overthrowing Assad in Syria. From his Benghazi compound  Stevens stored  and supplied weapons for thousands of hired, rebel fighters –  many of  which were al-Qaeda – headed to Syria.

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By Jon Christian Ryter

Today, the leftwing media is still not talkina about the emails. They would have been if the guy in the White was a Republican because they detail the manufacturing of a tragedy. The emails were sent from the US mission in Benghazi to the State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon and the White House situation room. The first of these emails were not sent on or around Sept. 11, 2012 as the White House initially led us to believe, but on August 27 when Ambassador Christopher Stevens reiterated to Washington about the ttwo earlier attacks on the embassy compound—the first one taking place in June. At that time, on Aug. 27, he requested a detachment of Marines at the Consulate.


I don’t know what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said to Stevens, or Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, because I suspect neither wanted their fingerprints on the reply. I would speculate that some underling replied that his request was “…under advisement but for the present, he needed to get along with what he had because there simply were no other assets to spare.”

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Benghazi FBI FOIA Request Denied: Stonewall Continues


Another day, another one of my Benghazi Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests has been denied—this time from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). As previously reported, the CIA also denied my Benghazi FOIA request.

Photo 1

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