Obama Is Going to Need a Criminal Defense Attorney if What Allen West Just Said Is True

Conservative Tribune

Retired Army Lt. Col. and former Florida Congressman Allen West says that President Barack Obama’s executive order allowing the U.S. military to recruit and enlist certain illegal immigrants violates both the Constitution and federal law.


Appearing recently on Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” West agreed with Judge Jeanine Pirro’s argument that the Obama administration is violating federal law under Title 18 U.S. Code § 922 (d)(5)(a), which prohibits the arming of anyone known to be in the country illegally.

But, you know, when has law ever meant anything to Barack Hussein Obama?” West asked rhetorically.

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Allen West: Obama “Should Be Removed From Office By Impeachment”…

Weasel Zippers

Foaming-at-the-mouth libs in 3… 2… 1.

Via Allen West:

The time has come to stop dancing around the word “impeachment.”

I just landed in one of the most politically corrupt cities in America: Chicago. It is the home of “Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky as well as the most corrupt, lying, radical president this country will ever know, Barack Hussein Obama.

Clearly, the Rule of Law is not applicable in Obama’s world, it’s just a framework which he feels he can fundamentally transform at his will. But America does not live by imperial edict granted from on high by his highness. Heck, that’s why we had a revolution in the first place.

In Boston, Obama said these plans were junk and the insurance companies were bad apples. His own henchwoman, HHS Secretary Sebelius issued a decree making these plans non-compliant. But now the Emperor waves his hand and presto change-o, they are in compliance — in other words our Dear Leader is granting his permission.

This man is a manipulative liar. His arrogance is beyond comprehension. He has, in true Alinsky-esque fashion, picked the individual insurance market to demonize and set up the industry for blame. […]

If Americans do not finally see the arrogant lawlessness of this person who no longer holds regard for the Office of the Presidency, then God help us, for He shall certainly not bless us. What more do people need to see and endure? This disgraceful era must now end.

The president is in violation of his oath and yes, he should be removed from office by impeachment. Let the call ring across the land from sea to shining sea.

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Allen West Shreds Obama Over Apology For Koran Burning…

Weasel Zippers

Congressman West also commits the greatest sin possible in CAIR’s eyes, calling the enemy by its proper name, “Islamic terrorists.”

Via Allen West:

I want to extend my sincere condolences to the families of the Army Colonel and Major who were killed by Afghanistan security forces over this “burning Koran” episode.

If we had resolute leadership in the White House, we would have explained that these Islamic terrorist enemy combatants detained at the Parwan facility used the Koran to write jihadist messages to pass to others.

In doing so, they violated their own cultural practice and defiled the Koran and turned the Koran into contraband.

The Islamic cultural practice and Parwan detention facility procedures support burning the “contraband.”

Instead here we go again, offering apology after apology and promising to “hold those responsible accountable.” Responsible for what?

When tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.

This time it immediately led to the deaths of two American Warriors.

America is awaiting the apology from President Hamid Karzai.


Our Elective Despotism

American Thinker

by: Lawrence Sellin

There  are many things obvious to ordinary Americans that cannot be mentioned publicly  in the polite political company of the Republican and Democratic establishments  or among their press agents in the mainstream media, who obligingly pirouette  around the truth.

For  example, both the Republican and Democratic establishments are composed of  hopelessly corrupt, procrastinating control freaks, who seek fame and fortune  through over-spending money they didn’t earn and enthusiastically crushing any  spontaneous outbreaks of democracy among U.S. citizens, for example, the Tea  Party.

Thomas  Jefferson warned us of the danger of “elective despotism:”

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West counters Obama: MLK would not have backed Wall Street protests

The Hill

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) rejected President Obama’s comparison between Martin Luther King Jr. and what he called the “Occupy Wall Street gangs.”

“Martin Luther King Jr. would not have backed these types of protesters,” West said, noting that he was born and raised in King’s neighborhood. “First of all, Martin Luther King, Jr. had a focus, a message. He was divinely inspired. I don’t know what the inspiration is for these individuals.”

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Allen West to Samuel L. Jackson: Quit Crying Racism and Stick to Movies, Champ


Noted Obama syccophant Morgan Freeman recently condemned the Tea Party movement as anti-American and suggested that conservative opposition to the president’s policies can be chalked up to “a racist thing.”  Fellow actor Samuel L. Jackson revisited the same theme in an interview with NY Magazine, published yesterday:

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Political Correctness Must Die — or America Will

by Susan Stamper Brown


“Peace  begins with courageous leaders who are willing to identify and define  our enemy, and their objectives, because political correctness has no  place in our national security strategy.”Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.),  R-FL, at CPAC 2011.

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Allen West- “Don’t Touch My Junk”

The Shark Tank

Boca Raton, FL- Congressman Allen West held his second consecutive townhall meeting without any loony leftists interrupting the proceedings, a very welcome development.  West was asked by an audience member as to whether or not he supported the TSA’s new ‘pat-down’ policy at airports across the country.  West’s reply- “Dont’ touch my junk.” West then smoothly segued into Weiner-gate and his recent ‘junk-yard’ exposure via Twitter.