Where are the birth records for Obama?


President Obama has had a glaring question hanging over his head about where he was born and his eligibility, long before he was elected President.  Democrat Attorney Phillip Berg and a host of others,  Allen Keys,  Dr. Jerry Corsi and myself have boldly addressed this issue for years now.

People daring to question Obama’s eligibility and missing birth certificate have been marginalized,  called every name in the book,  racist, birther,  anarchist….on and on.  Per the investigation of Doug Hagmann,  private investigator and Judi McLeod,  editor of Canadafreepress.com,  some conservative hosts and conservative networks have been intimidated and had their jobs threatened if they dared address the issue in even a balanced,  exploratory way.  Hands off Obama!

The ‘fix’  has been in and aided and abetted by most of the 5th column cowardly media. Long ago they seem to have sold out to the American people and the truth.  Instead,  they joined the Obama,  cult,  worship club.

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