Barack Obama Engages in More Criminal Activity – Waives Ban on Arming

Freedom Outpost

Barack Obama has officially waived a legal provision that he had no intention  of following anyway. Yet, one has to wonder how blatant this administration  would have to be before America would wake up and see them for who they are.  The  CIA has been suspected of running terrorist campaigns for decades. The  Director  of the CIA, John  Brennan is a Muslim, who may be on his own personal jihad at the expense of  his fellow Americans. Our government was already aiding terrorist  organizations,  regardless of any laws, which made Brennan a nice fit.

Want examples? I’ll give you a couple of examples.

How about The Muslim Brotherhood? Egypt could do no wrong before their  revolution. We provided them tanks and fighter jets with a nice wad of cash to  make sure that they were allowed to reign down terror without running out of  funds to do so. An  Egyptian paper reported recently that Obama himself is a member of The Muslim  Brotherhood.

What about the February  17th Martyr’s Brigade? Are you aware that our government was paying  Al Qaeda to defend the diplomatic mission in Benghazi?

And let’s not forget about the revelation that the CIA was on  the grounds in Benghazi. What were they doing? They were running  weapons. This is what the CIA does. Have you ever wondered why many of  these  terrorists have ties back to America, from Osama Bin Laden to Mohamed  Morsi, who happened to be a professor at USC? Did you know that?

At any rate, Obama has made it official.

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