The Agonizing Truth About Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Photo via

Independent Sentinel

The facts are, and they should be very troublesome for Americans, that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not angry with terrorists or our enemies, particularly in Iran and Cuba. Obama tangos and golfs through terror attacks in Europe and beheadings of Americans even though the attacks are now believed to be part of a Europe-wide organization tied to a global jihad.

Neither Obama nor Hillary can muster the hate against terrorists that they can against the GOP. When there is a terror attack, Obama is lethargic but comes alive when spreading accusations against Republicans. Hillary saves her anger for them as well.

Whenever the president talks about terror, he fails to call it what it is and he plays it down as a non-threat, but he is always eager to condemn Christians and Republicans. It’s out of the Alinsky playbook. He also immediately brings up the Islamofauxbia argument whenever there is an attack.