Large group of Africans (116 men, women, and children) caught wading across the Rio Grande

American Thinker

By Thomas Lifson

Our open door along the southern border for people claiming to seek asylum is such a magnet for the world’s poor that a group of 116 people traveled all the way from Africa to Mexico to enter the United States.  In video tweeted out by Customs and Border Patrol, the large group, identified as coming from Angola, Cameroon, and Congo (all desperately poor), can be seen wading across the water in the Rio Grande, some carrying children in their arms — an automatic entry into the United States under law that the House of Representatives refuses to change.

Note the child in arms of a woman (source).

Following this, the White House tweeted out a second video and made the point:

There are billions of people in the world who want to get themselves into the United States and sign up for welfare benefits that are vastly richer than their average incomes at home, not to mention free medical care at emergency rooms, free schooling for their children, and all the rest of our generosity.  Now that word has reached them of the open door, they are coming.