ANOTHER RACE HOAX: Far Left Austin Attorney Admits to Posting “Exclusively for White People” Stickers on Shops

Gateway Pundit

On Wednesday vandals slapped “Exclusively for White People” stickers on local businesses in Austin, Texas.
white people stickers
The racist stickers say a “maximum of 5 colored customers colored staff” are accepted in the store and include the seal of the City of Austin.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Friday that the stickers appear to be another prank by unhinged race hustlers.

It was all a hoax.
It was a twisted stunt by unhinged social justice attorney Adam Reposa.

On Friday, March 20 at 3:55pm, KXAN, the Austin NBC-TV affiliate, reported that the perpetrator has been identified, and openly admitted, on video, what he had done. Turns out he doesn’t consider himself a racist – he’s an unhinged “social justice” attorney.
Excerpt via Huff Watch:

An Austin lawyer is claiming responsibility for several stickers placed on East Austin businesses that claimed they were “exclusively for white people.” Adam Reposa posted the video on YouTube and made a statement on Facebook saying he was trying promote the issue of gentrification in East Austin. “They’re getting pushed out, and pretty quick. This area of town is turning into white’s only,” Reposa said in the clip. “Not by law like it used to be, and everyone’s going to jump on, ‘that’s racist!’ ‘that’s racist!’ Man, this town, the way **** works is racist! And I knew I could just bait all of y’all into being as stupid as you are.”

Here’s Adam Reposa’s confession: