DeBlasio’s wife loses $850 million

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Bill de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray cannot explain where $850 million given to the mental health program she champions has gone, according to reports.

In the three years it has been running, organizers at ThriveNYC have largely failed to keep records of the initiative’s achievements – and data that has been collected shows it lagging well behind targets.

Despite that, the program has been granted an even bigger budget going forward and is now on track to spend $1 billion over five years.

The data comes from a Politico report that shows those running the scheme have largely failed to measure its impact or keep track of spending.

Thrive said it has developed a list of 417 metrics to measure how effective the program is moving forward, but asked to assess its impact so far, Politico said the data was piecemeal and showed a largely failing picture.

For example, 29 hospitals had agreed to screen almost 78,000 new mothers for post-natal depression each year as part of the scheme.

But over the course of two years between 2016 and 2018 the hospital screened a little over 28,000 patients and just 570 were offered help, a fraction of the 12,000 to 15,000 who were estimated to need care.

The data also showed almost 190,000 Narcan kits were handed out to hospital where opioid use is common, but there is no evidence of how many were used.

The site said it had tried and failed to acquire a line-item budget from Thrive, and the two budget breakdowns it had seen showed wildly different numbers.

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Don’t hold your breath waiting for accountability

Clinton Traveled With Pedophile Friend, Girls Named Tatiana, and No Secret Service

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Bill Clinton flew on the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s plane far more often than he admitted – 26 times in fact – and he ditched his Secret Service for five of the trips but there’s more. Read on.

That information comes from flight logs for the “Lolita Express” secured by a FOIA request from Fox News.

For five of the 26 flights, Clinton ditched his Secret Service detail.

Clinton was alleged to have been on the plane with the millionaire pedophile but only 11 of the trips were reported until now and we now find it’s double that. During trips between 2001 and 2003, there were extended junkets around the world with Epstein and fellow passengers identified on manifests by their initials or first names, including “Tatiana.”

The jet was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

But it is the absence of a Secret Service detail on a small number of trips that is really the eye-opener.

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Whatever Happened To Accountability?

Family Security Matters

President Obama has recently released 6,000 federal “non-violent drug offenders” back into our communities without them completing their entire sentences.

California Governor Jerry Brown releases hundreds of convicted murders and thousands of other “non-violent offenders” from state prisons because of alleged overcrowding. Some prisoners only did a fraction of their sentences before being released.

Hollywood starlets spend 45 minutes in the Los Angeles County Jail for drunk driving convictions because of overcrowding.

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HILLARY! UNCENSORED trailer was released in Oct 2007 with a leak from Lucianne Goldberg. The trailer instantly became the #1 video on Google for 3 months until it suddenly disappeared and appeared on You Tube and becoming the #1 video here. More than 20 million people viewed the trailer between Oct 2007 and Sep 2008. The 65 minute film, which debuted at Harvard on Oct 26, 2007 (a birthday present for her on her 60th birthday), has been credited with having a major impact on Hillary’s loss of the nomination for 2008. From DouglasCarlFilms, the sequel is being produced, documenting how Hillary has again avoided accountability for obstructing a Federal trial of her finance director, who was charged with hiding a $1.2 million contribution that Hillary and her agents had solicited and directed. You will see how she was given immunity by the FEC if she would file a corrected FEC report in 2007, how that immunity agreement was breached, and how it remains a continuing violation of the law. A new generation of voters need to know the truth before Nov. 2016. NOTE: the documentation is not on her secret server, so she will not be able to destroy it and then tell you to trust her.

Will America Survive?


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From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia…could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide. – Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama has become the instrument of that suicide.

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Where is the Outrage?

There are things in life that should be discussed in public and there are things that should be kept private. This is one of those private things that should never be said, especially on national TV. So where is the Left on this? Where is Al and Jesse? Where is the FCC? Every Mother in America should should be outraged about this. No wonder our Country is in the shape it is in when there is no accountability. If a Conservative had said this about Michalle Obama, Washington D.C. would have come un-glued but I guess the Double Standard continues as usual.

Never did like TNT or the NBA that much and it will probably be quite a while before I watch either one again. As for Tracy Morgan, I never thought he was funny, this just proves it. As for Charles Barkley, his career in front of a camera should have ended after Space Jam.

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Bachmann warns of imminent takeover of entire economy

The Post & E-Mail

by John Charlton

You can read more about Congresswoman Bachman at her website: can read more about Congresswoman Bachman at her website:

(Dec. 11, 2009) — The Socialist Juggernaut lurches forward to snatch further power and deprive Americans of further liberties in what is, without exaggeration, the proposed destruction of the free market and the free economy in the United States.

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) has introduced a massive bill to give the executive branch authority to bail out any corporation, as often as it wants without Congressional control.

Congresswoman Michele Bachman (R-MN) issued the warning today in an editorial which she penned for the Minnesota Star Tribue:

Star Tribune: Giving more power where power is not due

Wall Street and bureaucracy would benefit from pending reform.

Washington, D.C., Dec 11

The majority of Americans last fall were united against the $700 billion Wall Street bailout known as TARP. Proponents of the bill urged immediate action, claiming that a failure to act quickly would send the financial industry over the brink. They promised to examine the root cause of the crisis once financial markets were secure. One year later, the House is considering legislation that will result in the most far-reaching reforms of the financial services industry in our nation’s history.

But instead of addressing the real causes of the financial collapse and fixing bad government policies that led to the crisis, congressional Democrats want to codify the fiscally irresponsible bailout mania. Their bill would make taxpayer bailouts the permanent solution for dealing with reckless financial institutions in the future.

The 1,300-plus-page bill the House is scheduled to vote on today creates a “systemic risk regulator” tasked with determining which firms meet an undefined “too big to fail” test. It allows the government to tap a multibillion-dollar bailout fund to save troubled firms whenever it wants. This fund will be initially financed by a massive new tax on financial institutions and is expected to take $55 billion out of the hands of small businesses and job creators, leading to a loss of as many as 450,000 jobs. Should that fund run dry, taxpayers are on the hook to replenish it. And unlike TARP, this bill authorizes the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve to completely bypass congressional approval and directly provide such lifelines to flailing firms.

The moral hazard this bill creates will ripple through the entire financial marketplace. Providing banks with a bailout guarantee will perpetuate a cycle of irresponsibility, shielding creditors from taking the fall for making risky decisions and forcing taxpayers to ante up again and again.

Rather than increasing transparency within the Federal Reserve and directing it to focus on the nation’s monetary policy, this bill drastically expands the powers of the Fed to intervene in the private marketplace. But the Federal Reserve has already proven its inability to preemptively catch systemic risks as demonstrated by the financial crisis that occurred under its watch. Giving more power to government bureaucracies that have failed in the past will do nothing to stabilize our markets.

I support an alternative plan that addresses both the core problems in our financial system and promises American taxpayers that they will not be on the hook for Wall Street’s mistakes ever again. Three key principles guide this proposal: 1) It ends government bailouts of financial institutions; 2) It stops allowing the government to pick winners and losers in the financial industry; and 3) It reinstates market discipline by removing moral hazards that exist today.

Minnesotans know when Washington is trying to pull a fast one. While the government takeover of health care and total lack of job growth is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we cannot let this permanent bailout legislation slip through Congress without a fight.