Obama Stars in The No-Name Law That Sank His Party

American Thinker

When  the Pelosi-Reid-Obama troika triumphantly celebrated cramming through the ACA  (Affordable Care Act) over majority sentiment, they crowed that this was the  president’s signature achievement and ACA soon took on the name of its creator,  ObamaCare. Though not one of them, nor any of the Democrats in the Senate who  voted it into law uni-partisanly had read it, they all assured us that we’d grow  to really, really like it. Boy, were they wrong.

We’ve  paid almost a billion dollars to a Canadian firm whose vice-president is a  college buddy of Michelle Obama’s from their black radical days at Princeton to  create a webpage to enroll people mandated by this law to do so, Obama having  turned down the U.S. firm IBM’s offer to create it for  free. It doesn’t work. Moreover, the continuing problems with this  webpage — and law — are so substantial and intractable that the White  House propaganda machine has stopped referring to it as ObamaCare or even the  Affordable Care Act. Everyone now knows that for most people, the plan loaded  with mandated coverage to curry favors with privileged tranches of voters like  college girls who want free contraceptives and abortion coverage and to permit  anyone to sign up after they found out they need costly care, not  before, is far more expensive than what they were previously paying for medical  insurance. It’s some kind of no-name thing. Either that or, to be an honest  descriptor, we could call it the UFA (Unaffordable Care Act). Under any name  it’s dramatically swamping the president and his party’s standing among  voters.

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