Senate Prepares to Desecrate Everything Patriotic Americans Hold Dear – War on Syria Vote May Occur on 9/11

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I believe less in coincidences every day. It has come to my attention,  through reading an article by Pamela Geller, which the full Senate may be  voting  on Syria on September 11th. I am shaking right now. I have not been this  angry  in a long time.

The Daily Beast reports:  

Senate Democratic leadership tossed aside the rules for moving  legislation with regard to the resolution authorizing the use of military force  against Syria, angering some Republicans and creating confusion on Capitol Hill  in the run-up to the war vote.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee narrowly approved a modified war  resolution Wednesday afternoon by vote of 10–7 with one member, Sen. Ed Markey  (D-MA), voting present. The committee’s action allows Senate Majority Leader  Harry Reid (D-NV) to bring the measure to the floor as early as Monday,  following a break for the Jewish holidays. That would allow a vote by  the full Senate as soon as Wednesday, giving the Senate a chance to  pass a war resolution before the House has a chance to craft and pass a  resolution of its own.  (Emphasis added)

Wednesday is the 12th  anniversary of 9/11. There is no guarantee that they will vote on that date  and truly the senate is expected to approve a war resolution no matter what  date  they pick, but can you even imagine the irony?

If the senate picks September 11th, 2013 to officially join Al Qaeda as  allies I can imagine of nothing lower that they could do. Let’s not forget that  it is not only the day of the 2001 attacks, but it also the day that Americans  died in Benghazi, Libya at the hands of Al Qaeda linked terrorists.

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