Saif Al-Adel: The Next Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

Pajamas Media

The intelligence community now believes that the plot to bomb cargo planes came from the brain of a man calling himself Saif al-Adel, al-Qaeda’s military chief who returned to North Waziristan in April after spending nine years in Iran. The elite terrorist is now fully back in the game, promoted to overseer of international attacks, free of whatever restraints his Iranian hosts imposed upon him.


Al-Adel is believed to be redesigning al-Qaeda’s strategy. He is making more use of regional affiliates and is focused on quantity over quality of terrorist attacks. An operation doesn’t necessarily have to be carried out as hoped for in order for it to be effective. A near-miss is still a success because of the psychological and economic affects it has. Like a blindfolded man throwing darts, he’ll eventually hit the scoreboard with enough tries. As I previously wrote, the goal is to make Americans know what it is like to be an Israeli.

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