4 thoughts on “Pic of the Day

  1. EXACTLY! These BLM radicals along with the Antifa idiots are pushing for a Race War, a war that they are ill equipped to wage and mentally incapable of carrying out. It’s just an excuse for them to act like the criminals they are, and if they keep on pushing this whole thing then they will get what they are after. Sadly if it does start then there is an extremely high probability that when it’s all said and done there may wind up being less than 1million black people left in the country. The actions of the criminals will, and currently IS vilifying all black people in this country and it’s being seen every day

  2. What are they thinking! They are utilizing their rights under a government that allows them to say what they wish in order to change it into a government that does not allow they to say what they wish. They are doing things in a country that allows they to do what they do in order to change it into a country that will not allow them to do what they are doing!

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