Proof What House Dems Are Doing Is An Attempted Coup – Not An Impeachment.

Remember all of those Obama-era scandals? Those were real Constitutional violations of presidential authority – from Fast and Furious to IRS, Solyndra, etc., any could have been used to push a legitimate impeachment inquiry. When Republicans ruled the House they never did so. Be it lack of courage or not wanting to drag the country through such a mess, President Obama was allowed to continue his two terms largely without having to answer for rampant wrongdoing.

Now? House Democrats are literally waging an attempted coup behind closed doors and without opposition party input or oversight. This is unprecedented and should not be allowed – but it is, all because the entrenched powers of the D.C. status quo want so badly to see a truly independent president working hard for the American people, to be forced from the White House.

Image result for House Democrats Coup

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Speaker Pelosi and the lawless Democrats are running a historic scam on the American people.

For the first time in US history Democrat leaders are running a sham impeachment — that was NEVER voted on in the US House of Representatives — and they are holding the entire proceeding in a secret secluded room away from public viewing and away from cameras.

Democrats are so worried that they will not be able to control the narrative to their criminal operation that they now are refusing to allow Republican lawmakers to view the transcripts from the impeachment proceedings!

NOTE: Voters must be reminded that Senate Republicans could do some serious push back to what House Democrats are attempting here. Figures like Lindsey Graham could hold hearings to counter the illegal in-secret “hearings” being conducted by the Pelosi-led House.

Graham has not done so and that choice by him is a clear indicator he’s either too weak or too controlled by the D.C. elites to be doing the right thing. Instead he, and so many other Senate Republicans are sitting silent and shrugging at the attempted coup of a duly elected POTUS.

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