Impeachment nonsense: Pelosi and Schiff are madly wagging the dog

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“Since corrupt people unite among themselves to constitute a force, then honest people must do the same.”  —Tolstoy

The Democratic Party’s obsession with booting President Trump from office has gone from the ridiculous to the absurd.

Robert Mueller’s $40M “investigation” into Trump’s supposed Russian collusion was in the end a cover-up operation that came up with nothing with which to charge Trump, let alone impeach him.  Rep. Jerry Nadler’s committee opened an inquiry to see if the president had committed any impeachable crimes, which was ultimately a fishing expedition.

Then the oleaginous Rep. Adam Schiff came up with a new plan of attack.  Over the span of a few weeks, he crafted a complaint behind the scenes with a partisan CIA spy and leaker who has an obvious axe to grind.  They called this spy a “whistleblower,” then changed the rules that previously required a whistleblower to have firsthand knowledge about the nature of his complaint before releasing his statement of charges to Congress.  This person, “not a direct witness,” had no such knowledge of President Trump’s phone calls, and his complaint is mostly hearsay and rumor.  Once the rules were surreptitiously changed, the complaint was released with the Left’s usual media-propelled fanfare and a new impeachment inquiry was announced with glee, the kind of glee Pelosi called “sadness.”

As usual, Democrats truly believe that all of us out here in flyover country and on both coasts are unable to grasp the truth of their silly subterfuge.

This scheme too went awry.  Schiff claimed that Trump had demanded that the president of Ukraine “dig up dirt” on Joe Biden and held up aid money to ensure a quid pro quo.  To Schiff’s shock, Trump released a transcript of the call which contained nothing like what Schiff alleged.  There was no national security breach.  It certainly contained nothing impeachable.  Why Schiff went ahead and read his ill conceived, idiotic version of the conversation imagined in “mob talk” is a mystery.  Schiff has destroyed any credibility he may still have had.  He should resign in disgrace.  What he did was monstrous.

So why have the Democrats become so hysterical and careless in their efforts to see Trump impeached that they are making serious mistakes like the tempest about a phone call that Schiff just badly mismanaged?

Because they know that A.G. Barr’s and John Durham’s investigations into their roles and the roles of many Democrats in the Russian collusion hoax are going to be devastating.

I.G. Horowitz’s report on FISA abuse too will reveal just how extensive and how criminal the plot to destroy Trump was from 2015 to the present.  When in 1998, then-president Bill Clinton bombed that aspirin factory in Sudan after the bombings of our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, many believed he did so to create a distraction from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  The film Wag the Dog had been released just two months earlier, and Clinton was desperate to change the news cycle.

It is beginning to be obvious that the Democrat frenzy now is a wholly misguided attempt to distract us from what is soon going to be made public.  Perhaps they hope to get Trump out of office before the truth of the DNC/Clinton global conspiracy to derail him leading up to the 2016 election and after is available.  They hope all the noise they are making will drown out the truth of the vast corruption on their side.  It won’t.  Now they hope to dirty up Attorney General William Barr, investigator John Durham, secretary of state Mike Pompeo, and even Vice President Mike Pence in order to invalidate the results of their investigations, but that won’t work, either.  Unlike the Democrats in Congress, Barr and Durham appear to be serious, honest men who have not only read the Constitution, but know it well.  House speaker Nancy Pelosi constantly references the Constitution but seems to have no grasp of its text.  Pompeo is unimpeachable and Pence has probably never uttered a curse word, let alone done anything illegal or unconstitutional.  These Democrats are truly grasping at straws.

Pelosi and Schiff held a press conference on Wednesday at which they each pretended to care about the country, about the reduction of the cost of prescription drugs, and USMCA (the revised trade treaty with Mexico and Canada), both of which the Democrats have blocked, just as they have blocked any immigration reform.  The Democrats have cooperated on no issue since Trump was elected except spending.  Parsing Pelosi’s rambling opening statement could be a comic book; the woman, her sanctimony aside, is mentally scattered.  Both Schiff and Pelosi appeared as bug-eyed deer in the light of a train coming down the track.  Pelosi rambled and dissembled.  The performance, and that is what it was, was a mess.  They do not care about what their hate campaign is doing to the country, not one bit.  They both blatantly lied, repeatedly, about Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. It is very clear from the transcript that when Trump asked for his help on the origins of the Russia collusion hoax and mentioned Biden, he was talking about the 2016 election, not 2020. Joe Biden is very likely not on Trump’s radar as a 2020 threat to his re-election.

Pelosi and Schiff know the phone call is a faux scandal but they continue to lie about it and to fundraise on their lies. Both of them are patently disingenuous. Albert Einstein wrote that “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Schiff, Pelosi and all those Democrats who claim Trump should be impeached simply because they don’t like him, have done and are doing terrible damage to the nation. They are harming our allies and rewarding our enemies – on purpose! Because they still cannot accept the results of the 2016 election, they have increasingly become enemies of America. Now is the time for all those well-mannered, quiet, serene and cowardly Republicans in Congress who care about this country’s continued existence as founded to unite and fight back as fiercely as the Democrats fight to destroy it. Words spoken on cable TV are not enough. Appoint a special counsel to investigate Biden’s corruption, Schiff’s lies and malfeasance, and Pelosi’s despicable undergirding of all the unscrupulousness. This means you! Senators Mitch McConnell, Charles Grassley, Mike Lee, John Thune, Roy Blunt, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and the rest of your colleagues who have been sitting on their hands for far too long. We are counting on you to protect and defend the best president we’ve had since Reagan.

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