6 thoughts on “You said you’d never forget……

  1. U.S. voters once again prove they are too ignorant to vote!

  2. Would someone please explain to me why she was allowed to be seated in Congress. Since she did not swear to protect the Constitution..isn’t that a requirement for being seated in Congress????? Do we have requirements or not? Does anyone know or care?

  3. The memory of this nation has become short indeed. Muslims in general have proven to be unworthy of our trust based on “religion” alone, much less their actions. As far as her and her girlfriend are concerned, neither one should be serving in Congress due to not taking an Oath of Office according to U.S. Law. The Supreme Court ruled that an Oath of Office MUST be taken with the Bible or it’s not valid, and neither one did it. That alone justifies dismissal and should nullify any and all votes/actions taken by both of them.

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